• Websites and Online Resources for Students and Parents.
    Google Drive                   
    Google Drive:  Google Drive is possibly the most useful student tool available.  With a free Gmail account, you get instant access to Google Drive.  Write, save, and access papers and presentations from home or school.  Never lose a paper (or a flash drive) again.  The Guided Learning teachers recommend every student has a Google Drive account and knows how to use it.  It's free and simple to set-up, please contact us for assistance. 
    Quizlet:  A Clarke student favorite for studying.  Customize your own flashcards, play study games, and get prepared for that test.  Study online, or print flashcards and study alone or with a friend.
    Brain Pop  
    Brain Pop:  Fun, animated videos that teach about every subject and concept, from fractions to photosynthesis to the Civil War.  Great for a refresher, a difficult concept, or any area that you need a little extra help with.
    Khan Academy  
    Khan Academy:  One of the best learning websites available.  Engaging, interesting videos, quizzes for students, and instant information on any topic.  Focus on any area that challenges you, and improve your skills!  (Also a great site for parents.)
     IXL:  Math practice for students of any grade and level.  Target specific areas, earn rewards, and track your improvement.  Another favorite at Clarke.