• Homework Clarity:  The act of being clear, confident and knowledgable about homework assignments and expectations every night.
    Writing down homework everyday is the responsibility of every student, and the best way to start a plan for success.  If the homework gets recorded in the agenda book daily, homework gets done, students are prepared, test and quiz scores go up, and school is much easier.  Take recording homework out of that equation, and school becomes much more challenging... so write it down!
    Teachers at Clarke want to make sure homework assignments and expectations are clear and understood.  Students should ask teachers BEFORE leaving class if they are unsure about any part of an assignment.  However, if a Guided Learning student still needs "homework clarity" after leaving class, here is what he/she can do:
    1.  Check-in with the classroom teacher before going home at the end of the school day. 

    2.  Check Teacher Web by clicking here:  Teacher Web
    3.  Email your teacher.  All teacher contact info is also available on Teacher Web.