• Download, print, and use these student resources.
    Graphic Organizers:  Having trouble getting those ideas down, or starting that paper?  Graphic Organizers use shapes and visual arrangements to help you get your thoughts down on paper.  A great first step for any writing assignment.  This site has a ton of different options, try a few and find the one that works best for you. 
    Homework Agenda:  For students who use a homework folder, printable, weekly homework agendas are a great way to stay organized.  Save and print them every Sunday night, and get ready for the week.
    Study Guide Template:  Students should have a study guide for EVERY test.  When teachers don't give you one, make your own!  This customizable Study Guide can be used for any subject.  Just fill in the sheet, and ask teachers if there is anything extra you should prepare for.  Teachers are always available for students who want to prepare for tests.