•  5th Grade Newsletter
    updated 2/12/16 
    5th grade Math
    Students have been learning about fractions in class. Students were taught how to add and subtract fractions. In the context unit that we just finished, students were exposed to how to multiply fractions. After vacation, students will learn how to multiply and divide fractions. 
    5th grade Executive Functioning
    This month the fifth grade students have been revising and editing work using the strategy of ratiocination. This strategy requires students to color code each step of the process. By color coding each element that they are looking for, teachers and students can easily see where the mistakes are in the writing.  Students have been checking their writing for capital letters, punctation, topic sentences, 3 elaborations and concluding sentences. 
    5th grade Reading  
    Students have been reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in reading. The focus has changed from fluency to comprehension with the students since all students reached the words per minute benchmark for the fall.