• Finance and Operations Office
    Finance and Operations is a broad and diverse program area of the School Department. The overall goal of the office is to support the educational mission of the District by administering the District’s Finance and Operations functions. This includes the responsibility to: 
    • Develop the School Department's Annual Capital and Operating Budget (all funds)
    • Administer the School Department's Food Service Program
    • Administer the School Department's Regular Education and Special Education Transportation programs
    • Administer School Department's Print Center functions
    • Process the School Department's bi-weekly payroll warrant in compliance with applicable laws and collective bargaining agreements 
    • Process the School Department's bi-weekly accounts payable warrant
    • Procure goods and services in compliance with applicable laws, policies, and procedures
    • Oversee fiscal reporting and audit functions
    • Administer School Department's Medicaid program
    • Administer School Department's Financial Assistance Program
    • Administer School Department's cell phone program
    • Administer School Department's 403(b) program
    • Oversee the School Department's procurement, debit, and Market Basket card programs 
    The Finance and Operations Department ensures all laws, policies and procedures pertaining to the financial and operations functions of the District are followed and proper internal controls exist. The Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations serves as the School Department’s Chief Procurement Officer for purposes of the state’s Uniform Procurement Act and other bidding statutes and regulations.
    Contact Information 

     Name  Title                                  Phone
    Peter C. Rowe Interim Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations x68061
    Adrian Leone Executive Administrative Assistant x68061
    Finance Office
    Name  Title                                  Phone
    Laura Reinholm Assistant Director of Finance x68055
    Shannon McCormack Payroll Specialist x68054
    TBD Financial Analyst x68056
    Cathie Carroll Special Revenue Funds Manager x68059
    Patty Cave Finance Clerk x68039
    Alex Blanchard Accounts Payable Clerk x68057
    Karyn Gentile Accounts Payable Clerk x68058

    Operations Office - Transportation

    Name  Title                                  Phone
    Elaine Celi Transportation Coordinator x68063
    Eileen Tamaro Transportation Assistant x68063


    Operations Office - Food Service/Print Center/Procurement

    Name  Title                                  Phone
    Deb Harvey Procurement Operations Manager x68062
    Bruce Ryder Print Center Technician x68011
    Mike Donegan  Print Center Technician x68010
    Kevin Silvia Food Service Director  x69107
    Christina Flutie, RD Assistant Food Service Director x69109
    Jean Davis Assistant Food Service Director/Catering x69110

    Peter C. Rowe
    Interim Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations 
    Central Administration Building
    146 Maple Street
    Lexington, MA 02420
    TEL:  (781) 861-2580
    FAX:  (781) 861-2560
    Hrs of Operation: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
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