• Homework

    Homework Policy: In third grade the expectation is that each student is completing 30 minutes of homework in addition to reading each night for 20 to 30 minutes. Please remember that while homework is a great way for students to revisit concepts they learn at school it is never meant to be a struggle. If you find that a homework assignment is causing frustration please let us know so that we can help in any way we can.

    Often parents ask us how they can best assist their child with homework. The following suggestions have proved to be effective with helping your child's learning at home.


    • We expect that homework and reading time will be done in a casual setting, while you are cooking or during typical evening activities. We encourage you to make it part of the evening routine.
    • Have your child read aloud to you or read aloud to your child.
    • While we do expect each child to read for 30 minutes it does not have to be consecutive. Break it up, read some before dinner, in the car, or right before bed.
    • Read the book with your child (aloud or independently) and have thoughtful conversations about the book.
    • Remember, although this probably cannot happen every night, even for a few days a week these habits can hugely impact your child's comprehension.


    • Before trying to explain your own method when helping with homework, have your child explain the new strategies to you.


    • The nightly spelling requirements differ slightly between classrooms. What's noteworthy is the words change week to week, it is a nightly activity, and the best way for you to assist your child is to help your child practice using their words in daily conversation.