• TEACHER:  Señor Tran

    WELCOME to Señor Tran's Spanish class.  In this class, you will learn to speak, read, and write in Spanish through storytelling (TPRS), fun activities and games.  We will also explore Spanish-speaking countries and learn about their people and their unique cultures.

    HOMEWORK (10%)
    Homework provides students the opportunity to review and to better understand the day’s lesson. Therefore, it is important that you complete your homework when it is assigned.

    1.   Homework is assigned DAILY (Mondays-Fridays).

    2.    Homework must be DONE ON TIME and CORRECTED in class for full credit. 

    3.    If you cannot complete the homework on time, ask a parent/guardian to send me an email or a note.  Without a note, you will only get HALF credit when you turn the homework in late.  With a note, you will have an extension and get FULL credit.

    4.    When absent, print the work from my website and TRY to complete it for the due date.   If you encounter a problem with my website, EMAIL me or CALL a friend.  My website is at https://lps.lexingtonma.org/Page/611 (if you are reading this online click on the Tarea link on the left side of this page)

    The teacher will use quizzes, tests, and projects to assess the student's progress.

    1.   QUIZZES will be announced 1-2 days in advance.

    2.    CHAPTER TESTS will be announced usually 1 week in advance.

    3.    RETAKES must be done within 5 school days, but you MUST come for extra help before a retake.  The maximum on a retake is 93%.

    4.   PROJECTS (individual and group projects) will be assigned throughout the year.  ALL projects will require some form of oral presentation.

    Proper behavior, adequate preparation, and active participation are vital to the success of the students, individually and collectively.  Therefore, students are expected to… 

    1….arrive to class on time or with a pass if late.

    2….be at assigned seat immediately after the bell rings.

    3….come to class prepared and ready to learn.

    4….volunteer to participate in class activities.

    5….(try to) speak Spanish at ALL times, unless English is allowed by the teacher.  You get credit for TRYING, not for speaking perfectly.  Making mistakes and learning from them will help you improve.

    6….be respectful of other students, teacher, and school properties.       

    7….have fun!!!
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