• Helpful Apps
    Are you interested in iPad apps to help your child learn English?
    Here are some our students enjoy using:
    Word Wall ABC 
    • Helps early beginners with pre-reading and writing skills.
    • Students hear, repeat and write letter and words.
    Kids Academy Apps: Montessori ABC for Kids
    • Children learn and trace the letters of the alphabet.
    ABC Spelling Magic (Level 2)
    • Teaches the sounds of letters and how to build words.
    • Begins with 3 letter words with simple patterns and increases in complexity.
    • Teaches the early reading skill of segmenting.
    ABC Reading Magic (Levels 1, 2 and 3)
    • Uses games to teach pre-reading skills.
    • Levels build on increasing phonemic awareness. 
    Sentence Builder (Mobile Education Store)
    • Students build grammatically correct sentences.
    Preposition Builder (Mobile Education Store)
    • Students choose the correct prepositions that match the pictures. 
    This following website offers great practice with letter and sight word identification. It is wonderful for beginning readers.