• **Check out the collated K2 HW link above!!!

    Team K2

    Student Supply List

    One 3-ring binder- 2 ½” or larger size to maintain a section for each of your major subjects + room for your assignment notebook and pencil case

    For Science: At School- 1 folder or two sided pocket insert for handouts; 2 composition books (around 100 pages each, either wide or college rule is fine), thin black sharpie. At Home you will need- ruler, colored pencils, thin/thick black sharpies, tape, glue stick, scissors.

    ·      earbuds or compact headphones (that will fit in your pencil case) for the Chromebook 

    ·      1 package of 4X6 index cards for English

    ·      Lined paper - 1 package per term

    ·      #2 pencils - Mechanical are fine.

    ·      Pens - blue/black for English, Science, and Geography

                 - red or purple for Math.

    ·      Highlighters - any color

    ·      Ruler – with metric and standard measurements

    .  Protracter/Angle Ruler for Math

    ·      Independent Reading Book for English