• Welcome to Mrs. Moser's Pegasus 6 English

     Welcome to Ms. Moser's Webpage!  I will be using my webpage to post homework. Please visit my site on a daily or weekly basis.  Below you will find my units of study.  

    Units of Study for the 2018-19 School Year:

    • Narrative Writing Unit of Study
    • Reading Short Fiction: Plot Mapping
    • Responding to Literature through Writing
    • Reading Realistic Fiction Book Clubs: Characterization
    • Poetry Reading, Analyzing and Writing
    • Argumentative Reading and Writing
    • Historical Fiction Book Clubs: Theme
    • Traditional Literature: Mythology and Storytelling
    • Nonfiction Writing
    • Mechanics and Language: Embedded within writing throughout the year
    • Speaking and Listening: These skills will be assessed during book club discussion and our Storytelling unit
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    Hillary Moser
    Grade 6 English and Co-Team Leader
    Room 1003