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    Microsoft 11 for Mac has a new look and feel.  
    You can find out about the new navigation and new features on this page.

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    New Navigation:
    Microsoft Office products have a new navigation format called 'ribbons'.
    LPS is rolling out in the Microsoft 2011 for Mac version at the high school, middle schools and on updated elementary machines during the spring of 2015.  
    You'll find the same great features and tools you've always loved - but they are packaged in a different user-interface.  Some resources to help ease the transition appear below. 
     Excellent Video Overviews by youngsters:
             Review of how Ribbons work  2.5 min
                   High school girl reviews interface step-by-step (iTalkApple)
             Overview of Word 11  5.5 min
                   Younger student tours interface at a faster clip  (FullOfTech)
     Professional Video Overviews by Office for Mac:
             NEW Interface Overview  (2.5 min)
             Create a Blank Word Document  (1.2 min)
             Navigate Through a Document  (1.5 min)
        Basic Skills - Done in the new environment 
             Selecting Text - Basic Skill  (1.42 min) 
             Formatting Text - Basic Skill (1.26 min)
             Changing Document Layout - Basic Skills  (1.28 min) 
             Save to a New Folder - Basic Skills  (3.16 min)
     Resource Documents 
                       Word for Mac 11 - Product Guide
    Coming soon ... 
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    Word Icon Existing features that you might not have known about - but people find helpful: 
    Word Icon Hard to find features: