• Special Education - Information for Families
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    Elizabeth (Betsy) Lamore
    Evaluation Team Supervisor - Bowman School
    (781) 861-2500 
    Special Education at Bowman School encompasses a wide range of services eligible for students with disabilities. In accordance with federal and state laws and regulations, students identified as eligible for special education receive specially-designed services from an Individualized Educational Program (IEP). The IEP is developed by a Team of individuals, including school professionals and parents/guardians. Each IEP is developed to meet the unique needs of the child and includes information of what services will be provided, where the services will be provided, and the goals set for the student. Bowman School provides a wide range of specialized instruction and service delivery options. In keeping with the federal mandate of Least Restrictive Environment (LRE), Teams will always consider providing specialized instruction in the general education classroom first.  
    Special education is a highly regulated and complex process. The special education team at Bowman School works closely with families and professionals and encourages a collaborative working relationship. In addition, the Lexington Special Education Advisory Council (SEPAC) provides support to families through regularly scheduled meetings and parent networking. For more information about the SEPAC, please visit their website