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Google Apps for Education (our accounts)

Lexington's enterprise version of Google Drive allows students and teachers to collaborate, facilitates workflow and makes learning available from any internet connected platform.

Google Drive is an internet based file storage and creation solution that allows you (among other things) to create word processing documents, slide presentations, spreadsheets and more - and save them dynamically in virtual ('cloud') storage via the Internet.
Google Drive (sometimes called 'G-Drive', or just 'Drive') allows you to share files with others for real-time collaboration, editing, review and communication.  Teachers can use this to review and comment on student work.  Students can use this for collaborative projects and peer editing.
The multi-platform flexibility makes Google Drive a great facility for supporting workflow between iPads, smartphones and computers.  It also allows a platform for the creation, storage and retrieval of documents when using the Chromebooks.
The Lexington enterprise accounts are established under the domain, ''
Read & Write is a Chrome extension that enables students to have  a Google Doc, PDF or epub read to them. Additionally, students can highlight and quickly look up words and save all highlights and words to a separate, editable Google doc.  To learn more click here: Read & Write Materials  


Here's a primer on how Google Drive works - and ways to use it for workflow:

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Students in Grades 4 and 5 use Google Docs to create writing pieces that are shared with their classroom teacher, literacy coach, ELL teacher and Resource Room teacher - as appropriate.  In this way - everyone can receive the level / perspective of support they need.

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Cleaning-up Your Google Drive Account: 
Google Clean-up  
Click Here to watch the Clean-up Tutorial. 
This 8 minute video will provide an overview of items you can address to keep your Drive account organized and easy to use. 
These Support videos will walk you through each of the elements outlined in the above video:
 Gmail videos