• HW: 1/7

    Posted by Hillary Moser on 1/7/2019

    This Week in Class:  

    Monday: Students will be finishing their Literary Analysis Essays. If students do not finish, they must make time at home to finish the essay by 1/1. Here is the To Do List:


    • Copy and Paste your information in the graphic organizer into an essay format.
    • Make sure you have an introduction, ONE body paragraph, and a conclusion
    • Double space your essay
    • Grab a telephone and read aloud your essay to yourself in the hall. Make sure:
    • All character names, Proper nouns, and the pronoun “I’s” are CAPITALIZED!
    • You have page numbers and quotation marks
    • There are no empty awkward random spaces in your essay
    • Look for AAAWWUBBIS - make sure you have commas in the right place.
    • Fill out self-checklist


    Tuesday- Friday - We are beginning our poetry unit this week starting Wednesday.  Each night students will have HW, which can be found in their poetry packets. 

    HW: 1/7-1/11

    EACH NIGHT:  Students must study their Quizlet Poetic Device terms which can be found on Google Classroom.  They must ONLY study the first 15 terms.  Please make to star the terms. Students will be quizzed on their plot map terms on Monday, 1/14.  

    Poetry Packet HW:  Within their poetry packet, students will have HW.  Please see the Packet and their agenda book for HW assignments. 



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  • HW: 1/4

    Posted by Hillary Moser on 1/4/2019

    Today in Class:  Students worked on finishing their character essay.


    • Book Club book reading is due on Tuesday.  Everyone should have their book completely finished.  Don't forget to gather 3-4 pieces of evidence on how the main character/s have completely changed. Our book discussion will revolve around this topic.  
    • You can also work on their essay this weekend if you would like.  Remember Monday is our last day to work on it in class.  
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  • HW: 12/4

    Posted by Hillary Moser on 12/4/2018

    Today in Class: Students read "Nora" and "Maricela." We also had time to revise our CCEAL paragraph.

    HW:  Yellow Class needs to finish color-coding their CCEAL paragraph and turn it in on Google Classroom. Book Club book must be brought to class by Monday, December 10.  

    Color Code your paragraph:

    Claim - Red

    Context - Purple

    Evidence - Green

    Analysis - Blue

    cLosing sentence - Yellow

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  • HW: 11/30

    Posted by Hillary Moser on 11/30/2018

    Today in Class: We read "Sae Young" and investigated who she is as a character.


    • CCEAL graphic organizer is due on Tuesday.  My activity in class on Tuesday is based on the homework.  Please make sure to finish it. Make sure to only write about Henry or Leona.  PDF forms of Seedfolks are on google classroom under the link for CCEAL Turtles and Trash assignment. 
    • Book Club books have been selected.  Please make sure to purchase or get the book from the library. The book must be brought to class on 12/10.  
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  • HW: 10/15

    Posted by Hillary Moser on 10/15/2018

    Today in Class: Students identified Sensory Language in "All Summer in a Day"  and understand now that all great writer's use sensory language to help the setting and characters come alive. 


    HW:  Study Plot Map terms each night from 10/15 until 10/21. The link to Quizlet is on google classroom. You will have a quiz on the terms on Monday, 10/22. 

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  • HW: 10/11

    Posted by Hillary Moser on 10/11/2018

    Today in Class: Students revised their boring/telling sentences into "showing" sentences.

    HW: Read "All Summer in a Day" - Due Monday. Highlight the Exposition, Climax, and Resolution. 

    Below is the Audio for the story if you need it: All Summer in a Day Audio

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  • HW: 10/1

    Posted by Hillary Moser on 10/1/2018

    In Class Today:  Students had time to finish typing their narrative in class.

    Homework:  Students need to have their 1st draft of their narrative typed in google docs by tomorrow 10/2.  I reminded students that his a first draft. In no shape or form should it be perfect.  We will be taking the rest of the week to revise their narrative.  

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  • HW: 9/21

    Posted by Hillary Moser on 9/21/2018

    Today in Class:  Students brainstormed possible narrative seed ideas

    HW: Write for 15-20 minutes this weekend about ONE of your seed ideas from your heart map.  If you get stuck, pick another idea. You may type if you need to.  Length does not matter at this point, but effort does.  You will notice over time, that you will be able to produce and write more as we continue to write more often. 

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  • HW: 9/20

    Posted by Hillary Moser on 9/20/2018

    Today in Class: Students learned/reviewed the qualities of a great narrative.

    HW:  NHW 

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  • HW: 9/11-14

    Posted by Hillary Moser on 9/11/2018

    This Week in Class:  Students conducted a student interview and attended our Library orientation

    HW:  Read for 20 minutes each night 9/11- 9/14. 

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