• In 6th grade all students are all in the same level.
    Some students may receive extra help or math intervention if needed as an additional period of math during the day.

    In 7th grade, there are 2 different levels of math as well as math intervention:

    • Pre-algebra
    • Honors Pre-algebra (what used to be called Pre-algebra Extended)

    Students are working on placement all year.
    The following are used in determining if a student is ready for Honors:
    - Have they successfully answered the extended questions on the unit tests?
    - Have they been able to get an A or better on all unit tests without corrections?

    In May we will then adminster 2 tests to all students:
    - skills test
    - honors proficiency test

    I then give students a self-assessment to have them reflect on the year in math and where they think that they ar ebest placed in math next year.

    Finally, I ask myself a series of questions about each student:

    1. Does the student keep up with the class and home work load?
    2. Does a student have a firm grasp of all topics covered?
    3. Is the student motivated and a self-starter?
    4. Does the student love math (as a subject and concept)?
    5. Does the student face challenges and tasks in math that they have never seen before with excitement and interest?
    6. Does the student have a desire and interest in extended math?

    If the answer to all of the above is yes, and they have met the other criteria, then I recommend them for extended math.

    If the answer to any of them is no, I tend to recommend pre-algebra, although there are always exceptions and I am more than willing to discuss.

    It is important to note that there are many strong math students in my classes. (Welcome to Lexington!)

    But extended math is not for everyone and pre-algbra is not remedial or in any way less of a math class.

    Students can still end up in extended/honors math in 8th grade and honors math in high school regardless of their 7th grade math class.
    Their 7th grade math placement does not in any way track a student.

    My goal is to ensure the best placement for each student - somewhere they will continue to love math and further their understanding of it.