• PL - Mathematics & Mindset:  Research and Strategies to Transform Mathematics Instruction and Learning (K-8)
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    Additional Resources
    Article: Teachers Nurture Growth Mindsets in Math  in Education Week - September 2015
    MathMindsetShifts - review of article on word document - Marshall Memo
    Week of Inspirational Math - need to register for youcubed.org to access lessons and videos 
    LPS Offerings:
    Summer 2015
    Spring 2016
    Summer 2016
    Fall/Winter 2016
    Course Information:
    A Hybrid Course:  "How to Learn Math" with instructor Dr. Jo Boaler, Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University (EdX online course) combined with a Collaborative Discussion Group.

    In this hybrid course offering, a group of ten LPS educators will meet in June as a collaborative professional learning team to discuss and plan their participation in a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC), designed and taught by Dr. Jo Boaler, Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University.  Throughout the summer months, members of the group will participate in the online course independently, gaining a Record of Completion and completing a reflection journal.  In September, the group will reconvene to consolidate their learning and to discuss implications for K-8 instructional practice and student learning in mathematics.  LPS faculty member Molly Rawding, Mathematics Specialist, Fiske Elementary School, will facilitate the LPS collaborative discussion group sessions.
    From the EdX Course Description:
    Explore the new research ideas on mathematics learning and student mindsets that can transform students' experiences with math.  The sessions are all interactive and include various thinking tasks to promote active engagement - such as reflecting on videos, designing lessons, and discussing ideas with peers.  Taught by Jo Boaler, Professor of Mathematics Education, Standford University, you will learn useful ideas and practices that you can apply immediately, for example:
    New pedagogical strategies
    An understanding of high quality math tasks
    Questions to promote understanding
    Messages to give students
    Inspirational messages from educational thought-leaders
    About the EdX Course Instructor: Dr. Jo Boaler ~ Dr. Jo Boaler is a Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University, and the founder of www.youcubed.org.  She is the editor of the Research Commentary Section of The Journal for Research in Mathematics Education (JRME), an analyst for PISA testing in the OECD, and author of the first MOOC on mathematics teaching and learning.  Former roles have included being the Marie Curie Professor of Mathematics Education in England and a mathematics teacher in London Schools.
    About the LPS Course Facilitator:  Molly Rawding, Ph.D., Mathematics Specialist, Fiske School
    Molly Rawding has worked as a Mathematics Specialist for five years.  Prior experiences include teaching at the middle school level in Virginia and New Hampshire as well as teaching mathematics methods courses for pre-service teachers at George Mason University.