1. Students are required to dress appropriately for Physical Education and will NOT be permitted to participate if appropriate attire is not worn. Appropriate attire will consist of a CHANGE from regular school clothing including:

           • T-shirt and/or sweatshirt – no collared shirts

           • Exercise shorts and/or sweatpants – no jeans, khakis, or cargo shorts

           • Socks and athletic footwear – sneakers must have laces or Velcro

    2. Hiking boots, work boots, and platform sneakers, backless sneakers, sneakers with heels, or any other footwear deemed unsafe or inappropriate by the instructor are not permitted.

    3. Sweatshirts and sweatpants are recommended for cold weather.

    4. It is recommended that the students take their Physical Education attire home for periodic laundering.

    5. Due to the nature of the various activities participated in during physical education class, the following are considered inappropriate attire:

           a. Halter tops or tank tops  - shirts MUST have at least short sleeves

           b. Exposed abdomens or backs

           c. Rolled or dropped waistbands

           d. Any other clothing that the instructor feels is inappropriate for activity.



               Students are expected to participate in all PE classes. Any student who is present during PE and does not participate will be required to make up that class. PE classes can be made up during a study hall or after school intramurals. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange with their PE teacher to attend a makeup class.

    ·      If a doctor’s note is brought in, the class does not need to be made up.

    ·      A note from home (parent note) does not excuse a student from making up the class.

    ·      If a student is absent from school or on a field trip, the PE class does not need to be made up.

    ·      PE classes must be made up during the quarter the class was missed.

    ·      Maximum number of make up classes is 3 per quarter.

    ·      If a PE class is not made up the student will receive a zero for that class.

    ·      A student’s regularly scheduled intramural/Diamond athletics cannot count as a makeup class.


    Students will be given eight (8) minutes to pass from their last class, change clothing, and report to their attendance area. Should a student arrive late, they must report to their Physical Education teacher immediately with a pass from their previous teacher.



    A student must participate in their regular Physical Education class on the day of an after-school athletic game or practice. A student who was excused from Physical Education for illness or injury, or who was unprepared to participate, will not be permitted to participate in after-school athletics for that specific day. (Note-this applies to school sponsored athletics).


    For safety reasons, the following is NOT permitted during Physical Education:

    • Food, candy, or gum

    • All jewelry of any description (earrings, bracelets, watches, all types of fitness trackers, etc). Jewelry that cannot be removed for medical reasons must be taped in place. Students are responsible for providing this tape.

    • Hats during indoor Physical Education classes.



    Due to the renovations, the new locker rooms do not provide enough lockers for each student to have their own assigned locker. Students will be required to bring their change of clothes to each PE class. There will be lockers in the respective locker rooms that students may keep their belongings in during PE class. After class, nothing will remain in the locker room.  Students are encouraged to keep their PE clothes in their school lockers.  Students are welcome to bring their own padlock to use to keep their belongings safe during PE class. Any lock left on lockers after class is over will be cut off and discarded.


    PROGRESS PORTFOLIO (Two Pocket Folder)

    Students are expected to bring in a two-pocket folder to use as their PE Progress Portfolio. This folder must be labeled on the front with the student’s first and last name. All PE handouts, quizzes, etc will be kept in this folder. Progress Portfolios are graded at the end of each quarter.



    Grades in Physical Education will be based on a point total determined by participation and rubric evaluation HEAVY emphasis is placed on participation. The categories are:

    1.  Protocol: This is basically procedure, including, but not limited to, the following...getting to the locker room before the late bell rings, changing, remembering to remove all jewelry, getting rid of gum, locking belongings in locker, getting into the gym by the time attendance whistle blows, using school appropriate language during class, making sure gym clothes are locked in basket before leaving gym, not leaving locker room before passing bell rings.

    2.  Effort: This is an effort assessment, not a skill assessment.

    3.  Progress Portfolios:  This is an assessment of record keeping or other written work required of students. Portfolios are to remain in the students’ school lockers or binders at all times.

    4. Attitude: Includes general disposition and relationship with peers and instructors.

    5. Judgment: Does a student think before he/she acts? This section focuses on personal and peer safety, and on proper use of equipment.

    6. Assessments:  Each quarter there will be 1 or 2 assessments to measure student learning of the concepts taught during the various units.


    In each of these categories there will be a phrase on the rubric which best describes a student, and the point value of that statement will be what the student earns in the category for that term. The total points earned in all categories will determine the grade.

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