Grades in Physical Education will be based on a point total determined by participation and rubric evaluation HEAVY emphasis is placed on participation. The categories are:
    1.  Protocol: This is basically procedure, including, but not limited to, the following...getting to the locker room before the late bell rings, changing, remembering to remove all jewelry, getting rid of gum, locking belongings in locker, getting into the gym by the time attendance whistle blows, using school appropriate language during class, making sure gym clothes are locked in basket before leaving gym, not leaving locker room before passing bell rings.
    2.  Effort: This is an effort assessment, not a skill assessment.
    3.  Progress Portfolios:  This is an assessment of record keeping or other written work required of students. Portfolios are to remain in the gym and locker room area at all times.
    4. Attitude: Includes general disposition and relationship with peers and instructors.
    5. Judgment: Does a student think before he/she acts? This section focuses on personal and peer safety, and on proper use of equipment.
    6. Tests:  Each quarter there will be 1 or 2 written tests to assess student learning of the concepts taught during the various units.
    In each of these categories there will be a phrase on the rubric which best describes a student, and the point value of that statement will be what the student earns in the category for that term. The total points earned in all categories will determine the grade.
    Opportunities for bonus points will occur occasionally, and will usually be performance based.

    Grading Rubric

    8  Puts forth exceptional effort during both the fitness and activity segment of class
    6  Puts forth effort consistent with reasonable expectations during both the fitness and activity segment of class
    4  Occasionally puts forth less than reasonable effort during both/either fitness and/or activity segment of class.
    2 Frequently demonstrates little or no effort during class.
    4  Scores an average of 9-10 points on all written tests
    3  Scores an average of 7-8 points on all written tests
    2  Scores an average of 5-6 points on all written tests
    1  Scores an average of 4 or less on all written tests
    4  Portfolio current and accurate whenever checked
    3  Portfolio has minor inaccuracies whenever checked
    2  Portfolio substantially inaccurate whenever checked
    1  Obviously no attempt to keep portfolio current or accurate
    0  No portfolio turned in
    4  Consistently conforms flawlessly to all protocol, exhibits good judgment and a positive and cooperative attitude towards instructor and peers
    3  Occasionally violates aspects of protocol, or exhibits poor judgment, or an uncooperative attitude towards instructor and/or peers
    2  Frequently violates aspects of protocol, or exhibits poor judgment and/or a negative attitude towards instructor and/or peers
    1  Typically fails to conform to protocol of PE class, or is negative and uncooperative with instructor and/or peers, or typically exhibits poor judgment.
    It is our belief that consistent and involved participation is essential for physical education to be effective, and this belief is reflected in our grading policy. When calculating grades, 4 points will be deducted from the term total for each class in which a student is unprepared and subsequently fails to make up during that marking term. If a student is removed from class for disciplinary reasons, 4 points will be deducted from the term total with no make up opportunity. Since the highest point total is 20, it is clear that non-participation has an enormous negative impact on a student’s grade. Maximum number of makeup classes allowed is 3.
    20-19 pts=A   18 pts=A- 17-16 pts=B+ 12-15 pts=B   11 pts=B-   10 pts=C+   7-9 pts=C   6 pts=C-   4-5pts=D     4 pts or less= F