• 7th Grade Health


    The Lexington Public Schools offer a comprehensive K-12 health education curriculum grounded in active learning that is designed to positively influence the health knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of students by increasing their abilities to make informed decisions.  The goal of the program is to promote healthy choices by teaching skills that students need to help them address the social, physical, and emotional challenges they will face throughout their lives.


    Health Education is a one semester course required of all 7th graders.  In grade 7 students participate in a curriculum that was designed and developed by Lexington's Health Education staff.  The curriculum incorporates the special issues and concerns of adolescents and builds upon health education concepts developed in previous grades.


    A complete copy of the curriculum is available in the school library and at Cary Library.  


    The seventh grade curriculum focuses on the following areas:

    Module 1- Circle of Wellness 

    Module 2 - Healthy Relationships

    Module 3 - Threats to Health And Wellness