• LHS Mathematics Department

    Dept. Head: Kevin Kelly, kkelly@lexingtonma.org, 781-861-2320 x69726
    Dept. Secretary: Heather Foley, hfoley@lexingtonma.org, 781-861-2320 x69725
    Office: LHS Math Building, room 711
    Twitter: @lexhsmath


    Past final exams: We have many final exams available from past years of courses. Choose "Final Exam Archive" from the left side menu to access them. For our newest courses that don't yet have past exams available, appropriate review materials will be available from the teacher.
    Regarding summer assignments: As part of our school's mission to help students lead balanced lives, the Mathematics Department has no summer assignments.
    Summer textbooks: As noted above, there are no summer assignments in math, but some students still ask to borrow a textbook to review or preview a course. We will be lending books in room 711 during Mrs. Foley's office hours (TTh 7:30-11:30, MWF 12:30-3:30) between Thu. 6/15 and Thu. 6/22. If you want a book for the summer, please get it by 6/22 at 11:30 a.m. After that, our office is closed for the summer and borrowing opportunities are limited.
    Online access to textbooks and solution manuals: Students using the Math 1, Math 2, and Math 3 textbooks during the school year have access to online textbooks and solution manuals. Follow the link in the left-hand menu for more details. Accounts for students finishing a course will stay active for at least part of the summer. Sorry, we're not able to give out summer access to online textbooks because our new licenses aren't available until September.
    Graphing calculators:  Our school strongly recommends that all students purchase a Texas Instruments graphing calculator from the TI-83 or TI-84 family. Most students get a calculator at the start of 8th or 9th grade and use it for class work, homework, and assessments in math and science through all four years of high school. Our school also lends calculators to students who need and request them. See this page for more information.
    Course catalog:  For information about our math course offerings, see the Mathematics section of the LHS Course Catalog 2016-2017 or 2017-2018.
    Latest MCAS results:  Congratulations to LHS Class of 2018 students and teachers for outstanding results on the May 2016 MCAS Grade 10 Math test: 91% Advanced, 7% Proficient, 2% Needs Improvement, 0% Failing. See details on the Mass. ESE site.
    Math Department on Twitter:  We're just getting started on twitter but you can follow our department feed @lexhsmath. Also our student teams are @lhsmathteam and @lexrobotics.