no nuts
snow clothes
  • 1. All of the 5th grade classrooms are peanut-free, so be sure snacks, especially candy and granola/cereal bars are free of nuts!
    2.  If your child does not ride a bus to school, please ensure that s/he arrives in the classroom as close to 8:30 as possible. Students need time to check in, sign up for lunch, pass in homework, pick up notices, say “Good morning” to classmates and be settled into their seats with Morning Work. Arrival at 8:45 or later (marked as "Tardy") can make for a stressful start to your student’s day.  

    3.   Fiske's sign out policy:

    a.         All visitors are still expected to enter through the front doors on the Adams Street side of the building.
    b.        For those parents/visitors dropping off students and picking students up, they will sign students out at the visitor window in the entry way.
    c.         For those parents/visitors volunteering, they will be buzzed in, asked to come sign in at the office and get a visitor ID, and then they can go on their way.

    4.   Check with Ms. Deane in the office to see if you have and current CORI on record.  All too often parents decide they want to attend a field trip and are not able to join us due to their CORI not being current.  DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! :)