• Classroom Policies and Procedures

    Behavior and Conduct

    We work hard to establish and maintain a healthy, safe, and productive school environment. All members of the Harrington community are aware of the HAWKS behavior promises: Honesty, Acceptance, Work, Kindness, and Self-Control. Students and staff strive to demonstrate these behavior promises throughout our school day.

    In our first grade classroom, students are supported to work, grow, and learn both collaboratively and cooperatively. We will follow several norms for behavior and conduct in the classroom. These norms will be developed by students during the first few weeks of school. This year, our "classroom promises" are:

    1. Be kind and respectful.

    2. Be safe.

    3. Be responsible.

    4. Have fun together.

    Classroom Updates

    Classroom updates can be found on our classroom Twitter page. Feel free to follow @Mrs_McKeon! I also use the SeeSaw website and app to share individual communication and student updates.

    Contact Information

    I am here to support both parents and students throughout the first grade year. If you have questions or wish to get in touch with me, you can reach me at khart@lexingtonma.org. I check email several times per day. Also, feel free to send me a note in your child's home folder.     


    During first grade, students experience a great leap in their cognitive development. To support student reading skills and strategies, we recommend that our students read every night for 15-20 minutes. Beginning in October, students will bring home books in a "book bag" to read each night and return to school the following morning.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    We love it when families share in our learning activities! Please look for emails from myself or our room parents for volunteer opportunities.