Math 1B/2A Course Guide




    COURSE DESCRIPTION - From the LHS Course Catalog:

    Math 1B/2A students will examine functions of varied types, with an emphasis on exponential and quadratic functions and their use in modeling. They will solve linear inequalities, systems of equations, and quadratic equations. They will use descriptive statistics to summarize, represent, and interpret one-variable and two-variable data involving categorical or quantitative variables, with an emphasis on linear modeling and regression. Students will develop knowledge of transformations of the plane, use transformations to establish triangle congruence criteria, and make geometric proofs using deductive geometry and/or coordinate geometry.

    Math 1B/2A students will engage in mathematical practices such as making sense of problems, reasoning and constructing arguments, modeling, and using structure and regularity. They will use tools including graphing calculators, spreadsheets, and geometry software.



    Our main textbooks are: CME Math 1 and CME Math 2. It is your responsibility to cover your textbook and take good care of it. We will need textbooks during class so you may leave your covered textbook in our classroom and use the online textbook at home, or you may leave your textbook at home if necessary.

    You will need a TI-83 or TI-84 (or TI-83/TI-84 Plus) graphing calculator. If you do not own a calculator, the Math Department has a limited quantity of calculators that will be lent on a first-come, first-serve basis. See https://lps.lexingtonma.org/Page/2374 for more information about purchasing or borrowing a calculator.

    You will also need a binder dedicated to math, with a section of graph paper as well as pencils and erasers. Colored pencils or pens are strongly encouraged. The last item you will need is a one-subject spiral notebook to keep in the classroom and to be used solely for the warm-up questions/journals.



     Students and Teachers are expected to RESPECT each other:

    • Come to class on time and prepared to learn
    • Listen to each other and be prepared to discuss mathematics with each other respectfully
    • Ask the teacher before you leave the room & be honest about where you are going
    • No cell-phone or music device use


                55%    Tests (30%) and Quizzes (25%)                    20%    Homework

               15%     Project                                                           10%    Journal

          Each quarter will count as 22% of the year grade and the final exam in June will count as 12% of your grade.


    • After school 2:30 with Mr. D or Mrs. G unless otherwise notified (usually in room 713)
    • During Study Halls in the Learning Center (Rm. 146)
    • Signing up for a peer tutor (Rm. 146)


    ***NOTE – please do not wait until the day before or the day of an exam for extra help. I welcome and encourage students to come for extra help as soon as you feel confused…



    Students will have homework assignments almost every night.  Homework will be due the next day.  Completed homework will receive 2 points, attempted homework (poorly completed homework) will receive 1 point, no homework will receive 0 points.  (Students are still expected to complete their homework even if it is not posted on the website.)


    When a student has an excused absence the student has the same number of days to make up missed assessments and assignments as days the student is absent.  If the student does not make up any missed work in a timely manner, their grade will automatically turn into a zero. If there is a test or an assignment due on the first day of your absence, you are responsible for it on the day you return. No make-up homework will be accepted for credit in the last week of the quarter. Any missed assignments or material can be obtained by e-mailing the teacher or another student in the class or checking the website.


    You will have an opportunity to discuss the Lexington Honor Code and related Reporting and Awareness Bill in your homeroom. I expect that you adhere to the guidelines outlined in these documents and that you maintain the highest academic integrity at all times. I will make it very clear if any form of collaboration or use of outside resources is permissible on assignments, projects and assessments. If you are unsure, then it is your responsibility to seek clarification from me.