• Art 6

    One semester class, meets twice a week.

    This course is designed to engage students in a deeper understanding of the Elements and Principles of Design through hands on experience.

    Students will develop their skills in observational drawing, painting, sculpture and hand-building techniques in clay.

    Sixth grade students will be challenged to analyze their own work and the work of others. They are taught that their own artistic expression is at the same time unique and also part of a greater multicultural artistic heritage.


    Required Supplies

    Students are responsible for bringing a wooden pencil with eraser to EVERY class. 


    Art Units

    student gourd Oil Pastels with Gourds or Shells

    • Observational drawing
    • Blending and application
    • Color harmony






    • student portrait Composing a portrait utilizing half of a photo
    • Shading and value
    • Blending with a tortillion, drawing with an eraser
    • Representing self through pictoral expression
















    Clay hand building: Slab vessels       student work clay slab vessel

    • Function versus decorative
    • Subject/theme
    • Drawing (2D) and forming it into (3D) sculpture
    • Internal cuts and attachments
    • Slip and score technique
    • Glazing process



    Sculpture: papier-mâché Alejibres

    • Mexican folk art
    • Combining animals to form an imaginary creaturestudent work alejibre
    • Drafting a sketch on paper and forming it into a 3D sculpture
    • Complimentary pairs
    • Patterns
    • Build a standing structure



Student Artwork Gallery