• Art of Asia

    Students will explore China, Japan, Korea and India from an artistic, historical and cultural perspective. Students will exercise their personal artistic expression in a variety of media. Our art exploration will range from ancient to modern times. Calligraphy, ceramics, printmaking, sculpture and painting are some of the media and techniques explored in this semester-long adventure.

    Required Supplies

    Students are responsible for bringing a hand-sharpener and a wooden pencil with eraser to EVERY class. *Optional: Mechanical pencil, gum eraser.


    Units of study

    The Written Word: The evolution of the Japanese Written language.

    • Featured artist: Xu Bing

    Evolution of a Chinese character

    • The Signature Seal: Confucianism and the scholar/artist

     Signature Seal

    •  Bamboo Brush Painting

    Student Work



    Bamboo Brush Painting


    • Gyotaku Japanese Fish Printing

    fish print


    • Korean Fan and Calligraphy


    • Indian Architecture: Color Theory and Rangoli Pattern