• Digital Art & Design

    One semester class. Classes meet twice a week.

    Students will learn Photoshop Elements Editor and apply the Principles of Design and Elements of Art.

    We will discuss Digital Citizenship, as we use images from the Internet and how popular culture of magazines, newspapers, consumer products, music, TV, film and video are an overwhelming and pervasive force in our lives today. Students will examine pop culture and create artwork as a reflection on the influence of the media in their lives. Students will also be introduced to art historical references. 


    • Experimenting with Adobe Photoshop Elements-Portfolio Cover


    • Digital Surrealism

                -Featured Artists: Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo


    • Metamorphosis/transformation


    • Jackalopes:  Fantastical Hybrid Beasts- a combination of animals that look real!


    • Art History Selfie

              -Using portraits created by famous artists and your own selfie


    • Animated GIF 


    Classroom Rules of Conduct

    1. Have RESPECT for your peers and their artwork, the computer, and the teacher. 

    2. The computer is to be used for school purposes only.  Visiting sites that are not directly related to our work, and chatting/networking is forbidden. 

    3.  Only one student may leave the classroom at a time.

    4. Be creative and allow others to do the same! Some people must have little or no noise/distractions to do their best work. Be mindful of your actions and volume.

    5. IF you are absent- You MUST make up the lost studio time to stay on schedule! You are not excused from your work due to absence.

    6. Look to the student handbook for Clarke and Computer use rules.



Student Artwork Gallery

Student Artwork
Student Artwork
Student Artwork
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Student Artwork
Student Artwork
Student Artwork