Team K2 Homework!
    June 13, 2019
    This webpage is created by Mrs. DeChellis. Additional resources and materials attached here are from her class, and not necessarily used in the classes listed, but may be helpful.

    - Finish your song from the Lit Circle Classwork today if not done. Please bring in your book tomorrow!




    - Finish the purple packet by tomorrow (Mrs. Lally was out today)



    - Continuation of Test on Friday the 14th if not done

    Open note, you must print your notes because you will have already handed in your Chromebook (on Tuesday)



    Science-Mrs. Rodrigues

     - None


    If you don't understand a MATH problem, attempt the THREE READS STRATEGY...
    Step 1: What's the problem about (the gist)?
    Step 2: What am I trying to figure out? (the actual question)
    Step 3: List key information and give a strategy.
    These websites have some great resources to go along with the math textbook such as glossaries, examples, and a homework help section: http://www.mymathuniverse.com/programs/cmp3/channels/8