• Here is our Staff Directory....
    First name Last name Position email
    Diane Barbuto-Lanzillo Assistant Teacher dbarbuto@lexingtonma.org
    Mary Brunn-Alessio Occupational Therapist malessio@lexingtonma.org
    Kristen Bellaire Speech and Language Pathologist kbellaire@lexingtonma.org
    Elizabeth Billings-Fouhy Director, Supervisor Early Childhood Special Education ebillings@lexingtonma.org
    Connie Bombara Assistant Teacher cbombara@lexingtonma.org
    Alexandra (Ally) Casey Assistant Teacher acasey@lexingtonma.org
    Katherine Cashman Assistant Teacher kcashman@lexingtonma.org
    Christine Doherty Assistant Teacher cdoherty@lexingtonma.org
    Maura Embler Speech Educator membler@lexingtonma.org
    Frelich Joan Special Educator, Social Worker jfrelich@rcn.com
    Julie Goff Physical Therapist jgoff@lexingtonma.org
    Nancy Gold Assistant Teacher ngold@lexingtonma.org
    Katherine Grady BCBA kgrady@lexingtonma.org
    Maria Haynes Speech and Language Pathologist mhaynes@lexingtonma.org
    Katherine Heninghausen Psychologist kheninghausen@lexingtonma.org
    Denise Houser Assistant Teacher dhouser@lexingtonma.org
    Johanna Hoxie Evaluation Team Supervisor jhoxie@lexingtonma.org
    Carolee Jansen Assistant Teacher cjansen@lexingtonma.org
    Claudia Lawson Speech and Language Pathologist clawson@lexingtonma.org
    Melissa Manganis Student Support Instructor mmanganis@lexingtonma.org
    Iris Mansour Occupation imansour@lexingtonma.org
    Mary Marifiote Assistant Teacher mmarifiote@lexingtonma.org
    Carol Mejail Student Support Instructor cmejail@lexingtonma.org
    Betsy Murphy Administrative Assistant emurphy@lexingtonma.org
    Mary Neumeier Psychologist mneumeier@lexingtonma.org