• Using an iPad to Access Google Drive and Docs

    This page was created to provide you with training resources around how to help your child access their Google Drive/Docs at home.  Your child is learning how to do this at school, but we wanted to make sure you have the information too, in case they have questions.   We've included answers to the most common questions that we receive, but if you have additional questions about how to use an iPad to access Google Docs or other Google Apps for Education, please email us!

    Overview of Google Apps for Education:

    Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is a term that refers to all of the Google products that we use in schools.  In the middle schools, the student's most heavily use Drive and Docs.  Drive is like a giant cloud-based flash-drive, where students can save any type of files.  The files can be privately saved on Drive or shared with other people within Lexington Public Schools.  Google Docs is Google's word processor.  You can see all of your files in the Drive app including Docs, but when you open the Doc App, you can only see Doc-type files.  So if your student is typing work at home, its best to have both the Google Drive and Google Docs apps.
    These are some text directions that answer many questions the come up with a student is using their iPad at home to do homework:

    If you'd rather watch videos, try these out:

      • How to log in to Google:
        • Note, if your child does not know his/her login information, email your child's special education liaison

      • Basic Drive navigation

      • All about Organizing!  This video goes into details about sharing, viewing privileges, reorganizing, renaming, etc...
        • Note, if your child is sharing a document with his/her teacher, that email address will auto-populate when he/she starts typing the teacher's name