Aspen Gradebook

    What parents and teachers will see when they log-in is in the picture below.

    When a student or family member logs in to the portal and clicks on the Academics tab, they will see all of the classes that the student is enrolled in. When they click on an individual class, the screen below appears. This screen shows an Attendance Summary box and an Average Summary box. As you can see, the Average Summary lists the categories that you define and the weight you assign to calculate a grade. There is also a running total and cumulative grade box. Refer to this screenshot as you read below.

    Paretn Portal View

    What is the expectation for teachers after the portal has been opened?
    At a minimum, teachers are expected to have all of their grades up to date on the portal at the Mid-point of the term (no progress report are issued) and Report Card time.

    Student and parent access in real time or set intervals?
    Students and parents will have access in real time with the minimum expectation that all of the grades are up to date on the portal at Mid-point (no progress report) and Report Card time.

    Can assignments be posted without showing the current grades or weight of each grade on the Parent Portal?
    Yes and No.


    All assignments and grades that you enter will be visible if they are marked Public.

    The weighting that you assign for categories such as Homework, Quizzes, Tests, etc. will be visible to viewers at all times in the Average Summary box.

    All grades from Public assignments will be calculated using the weighting that you defined for your course and will be used to calculate a “running total”.


    Grades from assignments that have been marked Private or Public, No Grade will not be visible nor will they be calculated in the “running total”.

    **It is possible to make some assignments public and others private or Public, No Grade. This is important to consider when thinking about how we want students and parents to interpret the “running total” since it only calculates what’s public.

    For Example, it’s early in the term and you’ve assigned 3 HW, 2 Quizzes, and 1 test but you want to keep the test scores private until you finish grading them all. You would simply mark the HW and Quizzes Public and keep the test Private. The Average Summary box will only calculate the HW and Quizzes. 
    Can teachers enter data privately and be able to set when some data is available to view?
    Yes.  When you create an assignment, Aspen Gradebook allows you to select a Visibility Type. The Visibility Types are Public, Public No Grade, and Private.