In your Gradebook, choose one of your classes and then click the Assignments side tab.

Click the Funnel to filter your assignments. You will then click Term=? (See arrows below).
    The screen below will pop up.  In this example Type in T3 and submit.  This will display all of the assignments you have created in Term 3.
    *You need to do this for each of your classes.
    When you click "Update" the message that appears asks:

    Update the field "Visibility type" with the value "0" for all records in the current selection?

    Each type of visibility represents a number:

    0= Public
    1= Private
    2= Public No Grades

    If you are trying to make your assignments public through the Mass Update function, you will click "Yes" when you get the message above.
     Click on Mass Update
    Q  Can I set a default visibility type for each category in my gradebook?
    Yes! For example, if you want every homework assignment to automatically post as Public, you can do so by clicking the Categories side tab, choosing a category, and changing the visibility type.    

    See below:
    If the Visibility type is changed to public, every homework assignment that entered (along with the grade) will automatically be visible to students and families as soon as it is entered. You could choose to do the same thing by choosing Private so that everything in that category is automatically private until you make it public.
    A few things you should know:
    • You, the classroom teacher, will be responsible for making your assignments Public.
    • There will not be a mass update from the Database Team.
    • Once the grades have been made Public, please do not make them Private again. Those grades should remain open for the rest of the year.