Here's a brief overview/refresher for posting:

    1. From the "Gradebook" top tab, click the "Scores" sidetab.
    Change the Grade Columns drop down to "Post Columns - Term"
    Select the appropriate term you are grading (Be sure you have anchored your averages Gradebook Preferences)

    Grade Col

    Before you can post grades to the transcript, you have to move your Current Term average to the "post grades" screen.
    2. Next, Click "Options" then "Update Post Columns" (as in the screenshot below)
    When you click "Post Grades" for the appropriate term, be sure to select "Term Grades for all students"from the drop down menu. Once you hit ok, follow the wizard through the next steps.
    Posting Grades FAQ
    Q.   I can't find my Semester I class in the Gradebook to post grades. Where is it?

           Gradebook has already moved on to Semester II.  You will need to filter the view to see Semester I.