• Dear Parents,


    Where has the time gone?!  It is so hard to believe that we have only two weeks of school left.  We have been busy in the classroom and we have lots of exciting things coming up!


    In Math, we have finished all of the units for the year!  We will end the last couple of weeks of school reviewing content and engaging in fun math projects with partners and groups.  This will help the students to make meaning of the math concepts they have learned this year in an exciting and meaningful way. 


    In Writing, students have finished up their animal research guides.  They have worked through the process of researching and fact collecting, summarizing and creating a guide to show what they learned about their animals.  Now, we are in our final writing unit, which is creative narrative writing.  The students are working on adapting fairytales and they are very excited about it!  To share their work with you, Room 209 will be hosting a Writing Celebration.  Parents are cordially invited to come to our classroom for a “Museum Walk” in which you have a chance to read the stories, essays and informational guides of the third graders in our class.  We will hold this celebration in our classroom on Monday, June 20th from 10:15-11:15.


    In Reading, students did a wonderful job reading biographies and learning about the life and times of people and their accomplishments/impact on society.  We studied the lives and accomplishments of others through reading and discussion, timelines, story mountains, comparisons and more.  As a culminating in class project, the students created a visual poster and presented a speech to the class to teach about one person that interested them throughout the unit.  The presentations were so fun to watch and the kids all did such a thorough job.


    In science, students have been studying food chains through their research in Writer’s Workshop.  After choosing an animal of interest and researching facts about that animal, they had to create a research guide incorporating how the animal fits in their food chain.  Words like predator, prey, carnivore, omnivore, herbivore, energy were explored and used in their guides.  Students have also had the opportunity to visit the pond on our Big Backyard walk and dissect owl pellets to look at the bones of mice to see evidence of food chains occurring.  It was lots of fun but sort of GROSS, ask them all about it!


    Finally, in Social Studies students have been learning all about the colonist families they have been studying.  They have been reading, watching videos and even got to go on the field trip to Lexington Center to understand what it was like to live in colonial times.   Now the students are showing Mrs. Lombardo what they know about the major differences between life then and now.  To experience colonial times a little more in depth, we will be having Colonial Craft Day next Friday, June 17th.  Third grade students will get the chance to make crafts and play games that are reminiscent of life for kids in colonial times. 


    The end of the year is always so bittersweet.  While I have loved every moment of teaching my students this year, I recognize that as they grow and blossom they truly are ready for the next step into fourth grade.  Thank you for all of your continued support this year, your children have a special place in my heart.  I wish you a warm and restful summer.


    Most sincerely,


    Miss Turner