Getting Ready for Kindergarten!

  • Getting Ready  

    Dear Families,

    Welcome to Kindergarten at Bowman Elementary School. We are excited to start the school year filled with exploration, discovery, and learning.  Throughout the beginning of the year we will establish a classroom community, make many new friends, and meet new teachers. This enclosed packet includes important information, which will help us to begin this journey together. 

     Questionnaire and Photos: We would like to know more about you and your child’s hopes for the next year. Please take some time to complete the attached questionnaire and please bring a recent photo of your child on the first day of school so we all may start associating names with faces.

    Backpack and Extra Clothing: We recommend children come to school every day with a roomy backpack that opens easily and is labeled with their name.  Inside the backpack, the children should carry a complete change of clothing (pants, shirt, socks, underwear) placed in a Ziploc bag labeled with their name that will remain in his or her locker.

     Snack Time: The children will enjoy a snack time every day with their fellow classmates. Please send a healthy snack and beverage each day. We would like to request that you send nut-free snacks to avoid any possible allergic reactions in the children with nut allergies.

    You may be aware that the school food policy encourages children to eat snacks that are brought from home for their own consumption in school. Children are not permitted to share snacks nor are teachers able to share any food with the children. If you would like, please feel free to send in a reserve non-perishable snack in a Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name.  The extra snack will be stored in his or her locker.

     Lunch:  You will receive information about how to participate in the school lunch program from the main office. If you decide to send a bagged lunch from home, please remember to label it with your child’s name. We will begin eating lunch together on our first full day (Tuesday 9/5).

     Communication Folder: On the first day of school, each child will receive a Communication Folder. This folder will travel back and forth from school to home every day. We will send home our classroom newsletters and school notices in it and encourage you to send any notes to us in the folder as well.



    The Kindergarten Team

     Ellen Day, Mayumi Kearns, Seunghee Lee and Haley Schlect


    Hopes & Dreams Questionnaire

    Dismissal Information

    2017-2018 Specialist Schedule