• Welcome to Mr. Romulus's U.S. History/Civics class.
    Mr. Romulus's Homework and announcements are posted each night on here and in Google Classroom. 
    Due Fri. (12/21): Intro to Civics Continue self-guided research of the United States and Massachusetts State government. As mentioned in class, be sure to focus on each government's structure, primary duties and powers, number of members, and names of leaders as you navigate through the shared Google slides [Google Classroom]. (begun in class)
    Due Thur. (12/20): The U.S. Constitution - Watch the uploaded video and complete all activities [Google Classroom] - (begun in class)
    Due Mon. (12/17): New Nation iBook - complete readings (pp.1-25) and activities.
    Due Wed. (12/12): Reading for purpose - The Articles of Confederation & Constitutional Convention [Google Classroom] - (begun in class)
    Due Tue. (12/11): Constitutional Convention review activity - as mentioned, students should only work on part one, "The Great Compromise" [Google Classroom].
    Due Mon. (12/10): Reading & Notes - Read Chap.8.3 (pp.236-239) and complete sets of notes for the first 3 Blue topics (begun during Friday's class)
    Articles of Confederation - "Letter to the editor" assignment. This assignment has been introduced in class and posted on Google Classroom. The following are the plan and due dates for this assignment.
    Assignment announced, explained and students begin working (15-20 minutes) on rough draft during class - Wednesday, December 5th
    Rough draft of part 1 & 2 of the assignment's scoring guide due in class on Thursday. December 6th. 
    Assign/explain and complete part 3 of the scoring guide during class on Thursday, December 6th.
    Edit draft and finalize your final draft by Friday, December 7th's class.
    Due Wed. (12/5): Articles of Confederation cartoon reading activities [Google Classroom].
    Due Tue. (12/4): Critical Period iBook reading & activities - pp. 12-19. 
    Due Mon. (12/3): Read Chap. 8.2, pp. 230-235 and answer the 5 Reading Check questions.
    Due Thur. (11/29): "What is (a) republican?" - Part 1. Read pp. 7-9 of the packet (handout) and answer follow-up questions # 1a-5b, which were posted in Google Classroom - [begun in class]
    Due Wed. (11/28): Critical Period iBook reading & notes - pp. 9-11. Continue to add to your ongoing notes on a separate document and all notes will be submitted at the end of our reading of the iBook.
    Due Tue. (11/27): Critical Period iBook reading & begin ongoing notes - pp. 1-8. As mentioned in class, take the ongoing notes on a separate document and all notes will be submitted at the end of our reading of the iBook - [begun in class]
    Due Mon. (10/29): Revolutionary War iBook reading & notes - pp. 1-5 (Sections 1 & 2) - [begun in class]
    Due Fri. (10/26): Continue and complete Pre-Revolutionary Unit timeline - 10 events [Google Classroom]
    Due Wed. (10/24): Part II of the Thesis Statement activity [Google Classroom]
    Due Tue. (10/23): "From Tea Party to the 'brink' of War" - complete both sides of the worksheet (paper copy) and submit pictures of completed assignments via Google Classroom.
    Due Fri. (10/19): Any unfinished classwork - Document Reading Practice (Coercive Acts).
    Due Thur. (10/18): Coercive Acts And Responses - reading & questions [Google Classroom].
    Due Wed. (10/17): Tea Act Crisis reading and questions [Google Classroom].
    Due Tue. (10/16): Boston Massacre reading & follow-up questions [Google Classroom].
    Due Fri. (10/12): Introduction to the Boston Massacre [Google Classroom] - continue and complete any unfinished reading & notes (begun in class).
    Due Thur. (10/11): Stamp Act Crisis - document reading practice (Read, investigate, and determining purpose).
    Due Wed. (10/10): Watch the Historian's skills video - "Identifying Primary and Secondary sources (begun in class) and complete document reading practice #1. 
    Due Fri. (10/5): Reading & Notes - Continue and complete sets of notes for Chapter 6, Section 3 (begun in class). 
    Due Thur. (10/4): French & Indian War iBook reading - Examine/read maps (Chap. 2) and primary sources (Chap.3).
    Due Wed. (10/3): Using all directions and guidelines provided in Monday's (10/1) class, complete YOUR "Perfect British Colonial Trade Map". Review the provided scoring guide and checklist to complete the Final Copy of your map by the start of Wednesday's (10/3) class.
    Due Fri. (9/28): Continue and complete "Origin of Slavery and the Middle Passage" activities (begun in class). 1) Reading and Notes; watch the short video (3 minutes long).
    Due Wed. (9/26): Read Chap. 5.2, pp. 126 - 130 and answers the 3 Reading Check questions, which are at end of each Blue Topic.
    Due Mon. (9/24): Complete and submit review activity (Maps & fill-in the blank worksheet). Use completed maps, review worksheet, and study guide to help prepare for next Tuesday's (9/25) quiz.  
    Due Fri. 9/21): As mentioned in class, continue and complete any unfinished classwork. You are to complete research of your assigned colonies and be sure to share the information with other group members.
    Due Mon. (9/17) & Thur. (9/20): "Early European Settlements" essay - Rough Draft of the essay, which students worked on during Friday's class (9/14) is to be completed for Monday's class (9/17). All Final Drafts are due by the end of Thursday's school day (9/20).
    Due Friday (9/14): "Early European Settlements ID card" - continue Early Settlements research and completion of ID card (begun in class). Be prepared to use research for Friday's in-class writing assignment.  
    Due Thursday (9/13): "Early America iBook" [use the shared link from your Google Class to download iBook]- Read chapter 2, sections 1 & 2, pp. 10-16. Be sure to highlight key facts, take some notes on iBook stickies, and answer 'Review' questions to check comprehension.  
    Due Wednesday (9/12): "Early European Exploration" [Google Classroom]: Watch the short video and complete follow up activities.
    Due Thursday (9/6): As mentioned during class, use chapter 1, Section 2 (pp. 10-16) to continue to work on your "Early North American Societies" web (worksheet). Work on the worksheet for about 15 minutes. More class time will be given for sharing information with your group and to complete research.
    Due Wednesday (9/5)Read pp. 6-9 (two Blue Headings) and use the examples provided during class to take some notes on the last 2 blue topics. 
    Due Thursday (8/30): Review syllabus and class expectations with parents/guardians and return signed section (bottom piece of 2nd page).  
    Click here to access the French and Indian War iBook.  
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