Jane Hundley

    Welcome to Team Challenge, I'm looking forward to meeting all of you this year  Until then, enjoy your summer with friends and family, eat some ice cream, and have fun! I'm spending my last few days of August working and getting prepared for YOU but also getting my own daughter ready for Lexington High School, taking my son to college, and hiking with my dogs. 

    Teacher Name: Mrs. Hundley
    Course: United States History and Civics
    Classroom: 360
    Google Classroom Code: Coming in September 2019!    
    Email: jhundley@lexingtonma.org 
    Office Hours: By Appointment 

    Materials needed by September 3, 2019



     Due to the use of Chromebooks, you should bring in ear-buds or headphones to use in class. We will often listen to short movies, music clips, or pod-casts individually. Having ear-buds or headphones will allow you to go at your own pace and not be distracted by others. Please bring them to class every day.

    For handouts/papers and additional “hard copy” materials, students may use their 5-subject binder and dedicate one section of the binder for their United States History Class. In this section, be sure to have a folder or pocket for handouts and lined paper. If you do not need to carry a binder for all of your classes, then simply bring with you a 2-pocket folder to carry handouts in and a spiral notebook with lined paper each day.