• Due Thursday, June 13

    For tomorrow's Seminar...Finish the white packet, your claim statement on the green sheet, and complete the reflection which is linked on Google Classroom.

    Due Monday, June 10

    Socratic Seminar Prep: How should we remember the Civil War?   You need to complete the work in your paper packet. Overview articles one and two and their questions are due on June 10.


    Revised Due Date- I forgot about the no homework weekend.Sorry!   Due Tuesday June 4 Sections 7 and 8 reading. Complete the Venn Diagram for section 7 and answer only questions 1, 3, and 4 for section 8


    May 28- June 3

    Textbook reading: History Alive!: The United States Through Industrialism Chapter 22.  Question packet was given to you in class on Tuesday.

    • Due Wednesday , May 29 (before class) Read Introduction (Section 1), Section 2, and Section 3. Complete the chart and two questions for Section 2.
    • Due Thursday, May 30 Read and complete questions for sections 4 and 5.
    • Due Friday, May 31 Read section 6 answer and all three questions
    • Due Monday, June 3 Sections 7 and 8 reading. Complete the Venn Diagram for section 7 and answer only questions 1, 3, and 4 for section 8


    No homework over Memorial Day weekend.

    Open note quiz on Friday, May 24 on Chapter 21 in History Alive!.  You may use the worksheets that I have given you during the quiz.As we discussed in class, I will give you some time in class to work on the reading and packet but you should also plan on at least 30 minutes each night this week to get this work done.  This is assuming that you are making good use of your time in class!



    Reformers Research Project Due Dates- These are just reminders. As you know, we have been working on this every day in class for two weeks.

    NoodleTools annotated bibliography- Due Wednesday, May 8 by the end of class

    Locate one visual image, annotate it. A rough draft of a paragraph explaining how it exemplifies your topic/person.-Due Wednesday, May 15

    Final copy of this paragraph is due on Friday, May 17

    Write one paragraph explaining how this person/movement is connected to one (1st, 13th, 14th, 15th, or 19th) of the Constitutional amendments paragraph. Due Monday, May 20

    Due Monday, April 29

    Just a reminder, by Monday have 5-6 Noodle Tools notecards completed so you don't fall behind. There is no need to have more than this.  I will look at them to make sure you are on the right track.  Have a great weekend!


    Due April 25- Research topic selection-See Google form link on Classroom


    Due April 24- All materials where given to you in class on Monday.  See Google Classroom for more details.

    Chapter 18 in the History Alive textbook. The original link to the online textbook is posted below.
    Use the vocabulary on this document for your vocab assignment due on Wednesday April 24. I gave you a paper copy of the assignment in class but if you lost it, see the second document below (a PDF), scroll to page 11. The vocabulary assignment is called "Rate Your Knowledge".



    Upcoming Due Dates: You may read ahead if you have time.  If you are interested, you may read more of the book than the pages listed below.

    Text: In the Shadow of Liberty: The Hidden History of Slavery, Four Presidents, and Five Black Lives. By Kenneth C. Davis

    • Due Monday, April 1:
      • Read Introduction and Notes to Reader pages ix-xvii.  Go to Google Classroom for the form to answer the questions
      • Put a sticky note on all “Slavery in America Time Line” pages.
    • Due Monday, April 8 211-232
    • Due Wednesday, April 10 233-252
    1. Guiding Questions- Due on Thursday, April 11- Answer and take notes as you read in the other document in Google Classroom



    Upcoming Due Dates-You may work ahead if you have time

    March 29 Chapter 11 Sections 1 and 2- Paper copies of the questions were given to students on 3/27/19

    March 28 (extended date): Read sections 4 and 5 in the Call to Freedom textbook (pages 315-325) and complete the questions in Google classroom (posted on 3/22)

    March 25: Read sections 1, 2, and 3 in the Call to Freedom textbook (pages 298-314) and complete the questions given to you in class on 3/19


    March 21: Map Investigations 1 and 2



    Due Monday, March 18: 4th Amendment thesis statement and 1st Amendment Khan Academy question.


    Due Friday March 8:  In your 1st Amendment packet, make sure that you have completed pages 177, 179, 181 as well as documents A, B, C, D, and E. The whole packet is due on Monday, March 11.


    Due Tuesday, March 5: Mock Town Meeting Worksheet Prep

    Due Wednesday 2-27-19- Learning Reflection on Google Classroom

    Due Thursday 2-28-19

    Our Rights: Chapter 6: The Right To the Freedom of Speech pages 65-69 Read this chapter and take Cornell notes using the topics below as your guides.


    Due on Thursday 2-14-19

    Case study that you started in class today "More Street Lights Needed to Curb Crime" as well as the Case Study Analysis worksheet.  Please email me if you have questions. If you did not submit the work from yesterday, please do so on Google Classroom ASAP. I hope all of you had a good day today!


    Due on Wednesday, 2-13-19
    Annotated case study for Random Student Drug Testing AND the Case Study Analysis questions. Please take a picture of your annotated case study and share it with me so I can make sure you are on the right track. Also, if you do a paper copy of the Case Study Analysis- it has a front and back- you need to share that with me. Remember, I will not be in class on Wednesday.

    You have a quiz on a case study on Thursday/Friday.  It is skills based so if you do a good job with these practice cases, you should be all set with the quiz.


    Due Tuesday, February 12

    Corrected Town Warrant Article with signatures.  Do not work on the public policy annotations. We will complete it in class together on Tuesday.

    Due Monday, February 11

    State Government Packet and Town Warrant Article- Both started in class the week of Feb. 4


    Due Thursday, January 31, 2019

    Local Government and Mock Town Meeting Information Packet 2019

    All of you received a paper copy of this packet in class on Tuesday. You may do all of your work in the paper copy and use this copy to access the links.
    Homework due Thursday: Read and annotate pages 2, 3, and 4. If you were not in class on Wednesday, you will also need to watch the video on page 5 and answer the questions on page 5.

    Due Monday, January 28, 2019-If you are doing a quiz retake, you will need to  complete the Mind Map that we started in WIN on Friday.  For everyone, look for things about Lexington you would like to change in terms of public policy. Bring your ideas to class on Monday.  


    Due January 24, 2019 - Judicial Branch in a Flash


    Due January 23, 2019- What Does It Take To Be A Judge?

    No homework until January 22, 2019

    Reminder-Quiz on Tuesday, January 15  Constitution, Executive Branch, and Legislative Branch

    Study guide in Google Classroom

    Due Monday, January 7, 2019

    Anatomy of the Constitution packet

    Weeks of December 10 and 17

    You will need to look at your individual project work log for your Civics display board in order to know what your homework is.  Each group and person has different tasks.  Don't let your group down, do your part!


    Due December 21. Complete the Google Form for your learning process grade.


    Due Monday, December 10

    American Revolution research project.  See the checklist in Google Classroom.

    Due Wednesday, December 5

    All three citations in Noodle Tools with two of those sources annotated.  You will have Wednesday and Thursday in class to finish your last annotation and to work on your test questions/answers. Thursday will be your last day to work on this in class. 

    Due Monday, December 3

    Complete this Google Form for the Hamilton guest presenter on Monday afternoon. 

    Homework: Continue to read, research, and take notes  over the weekend using the databases and other resources. You should have good notes on at least two sources by December 3.  Be ready to start your annotations on December 3 or 4.

     Due Friday, November 30

    In class on Thursday: Continue the research and notetaking process

    Start taking notes on your topic using the examples given to you in Google Classroom. Use the Summary and Question Document after your notetaking.

    Homework-20-25 mintutes: Continue to read, research, and take notes using the databases and other resources. You should have completed the Summary and Question Document for at least one source by December 3.

    Due November 29- Complete the Topic Exploration Document that you started in class. Let me know your topic choice by using the Google Form .

    Due November 28

    Cornell Notes for pages 126-133 in History Alive! textbook


    Week of November 19, 2018

    Look at your grades in PowerSchool.  If you have questions, send me an email  to set up a short conference tomorrow or Wednesday during class to talk about your assignments/grades.

    Due on Tuesday-Valley Forge: Would You Have Quit? Practice worksheet- In Google Classroom

    Due on Wednesday-Valley Forge: Would You Have Quit? Your Own Thesis Statement and evidence chart In Google Classroom

    Due November 19 In your Valley Forge packet, read and answer the questions for docuements A, B, and C.  Make sure that you also read the context information. We started this in class and most of you are already done with these three documents.  
    Due November 15: In your Valley Forge Packet, the answers to your background reading on page 55.  Watch the video and complete the chart on Valley Forge, assignment in Google Classroom.
    Due November 14: Cornell Notes for the first part of section three in your online textbook.  We started this last week. You should stop after the section on the Articles of Confederation.
    Due November 9: All past due assignments
    Due November 5: American Independence Political Cartoon- see directions in Google Classroom
    Due November 1: All three journal entries. You should have these done already. Just staple them to the rubric and journal #2 that I gave you in class today.
    Due October 31-Journal number 3, the  chart and paragraph. You started this in class today. 
    Due October 26-Finish the "Two Perspectives of the Excise-Man" that we started in class yesterday. Do not do the second journal entry, we will work on that in class on Friday.
    Due October 24- Cornell Notes on reading in the online textbook, begin at "What Caused the Boston Tea Party"  and stop at "The Shot Heard Around The World". 
    Due October 22- Boston Massacre claim statements and evidence 
    Due October 19-Documents A and B from "Corroboration: The Boston Massacre Depositions". Four Annotations per document and answer the question for each document as well. We started this in class on Thursday.
    Due October 15- Political Cartoons: Pictures with a Point-Create Your Own-  See Google Classroom for assignment and exact due dates. We started this in class on Friday.
    Due October 12-See, Think, Wonder
    Due October 11- Unit 1 Part 2- Cornell Notes- stop at "Taxation without Representation"
    Due October 10- Unit 1 Part  2 Illustrated Dictionary- Assignment on Google Classroom
    Reminder-October 2 is our open note quiz on Unit 1.  The study guide is on our google classroom
    Due October 1
    The French and Indian war primary source document that we worked on in class Thursday and Friday. Most of you are done with this already.
    Due September 27
    Complete caption assignment that we started in class today
    Due September 24
    Cornell Notes for section 2 of second part of your reading. Assignment was distributed in class on 9/20 and it is posted in Google Classroom.
    Due September 20
    Graphic Organizer: English Colonization of North America
    Week of  September 11 and little bit beyond
    • Due September 13: Map of British Colonies in North American, 1776-  We started this in class today (9/11/18) and we will have the whole class period on Wednesday to complete it. SO, please do not work on it on Tuesday night! 
    • Due September 18: Unit One vocabulary illustrated dictionary.  Handed out in Google Classroom
    • Cornell Notes on our first unit. You will have Friday and Monday to work on this note taking. I would like you to finish reading and taking notes to at least the section that begins, “British North America at Midcentury”.  By the end of class on Monday if you have not reached this point, please complete this for homework and have it done by Tuesday, 9/18/18.  This is not homework over the weekend! This assignment is posted in Google Classroom
    Due September 7
    Interview with an adult about American ideals.  The assignment was given to you in class today.
    Due September 6
    Finish annotations for What Every American Should Know.  Finish adding at least two of the American ideals to each of the items on the list of ideas, phrases, and priniciples that every American should know.
    Due September 5
    Finish your definitions for the American ideals.