Second Grade Curriculum
    Classroom Routines
     morning routines        end of day routines
    Students successfully follow specific routines to start and end each day.
    quiet time sign    
    This year second graders are trying a
    new routine called quiet time.
    Quiet time takes place after lunch and recess and
    supports our efforts to attend to the whole child.
    Class Rules
    class rules  
    Students in Room 203 worked together to develop a set of class rules.
    After rule creation, each class member drew a picture of themselves following a rule.
    Each day second graders are following rules to be successful at Estabrook School.  
    math practice standards      A Good Math Partner chart  
    Math Strategies      math partners playing Coin Top-It
    Everyday second grade mathematicians persevere during math workshop.
    Students work with partners to engage in standards-based math activities that will help to develop
    their foundational math understanding. Math Practice Standards are woven throughout math workshop
    to support student interactions with math concepts. Unit 1 focuses on the decomposition of numbers through 10, telling time, money, fact fluency to 20, skip counting, and using math tools such as a number grid.
                                     Writing Chart   Writing Long and Strong chart                                                        Owl Moon    Student writing
    Writing workshop is a time for writers to practice the craft moves they have learned.
    Second grade writers are working Long and Strong by planning, writing, revising and editing.
    Our first unit is Narrative writing. Students bring their own small moments to life by adding
    dialogue, strong action words, and setting details.
    Help your child at home by engaging them in discussions about
    the details from moments in their life.  
                   Science board  
    student composting       compost bins
                                              Just Right Reading chart       Classroom Library       Why do Readers Read? chart
    Social Thinking
     social thinking board