• Previous Employment:
    I am entering my 9th year as a school mental health professional.  My previous work history has included 3 years working as a School Adjustment Counselor/School Social Worker in the Peabody Public Schools, as well as 5 years working as a School Counselor in the Ayer-Shirley Regional School District.  I have experience working with students in grades PreK through grade 8 on a variety of social-emotional and behavioral concerns. 
    Education/Clinical Training:  
    My clinical training began while I was an undergraduate student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.  I received my Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice in December 2006.  I began my graduate training at Boston University in May 2007 and I received my Master of Education (Ed.M.) in Counseling in September 2008.  I worked as a school counselor for one year in an elementary school in Shirley, MA.  During that year, I realized that I had some gaps in my training given the student population I was working with.  Particularly, students who had some intensive social-emotional needs and families who required some intensive case management in order for their children to be successful in school.  I decided to return to Boston University for additional clinical training primarily focusing on the requirements for licensure as a School Adjustment Counselor/School Social Worker.  I began working toward my Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) in Counseling in September 2010 and I received my CAGS in May 2012.