• October News

    This year started with a “Week of Inspirational Math,” a math approach (developed at Stanford University) that encourages a “growth mindset,” the idea that we can all learn math to the highest levels. Through these lessons the children learn that mistakes are valuable and help us learn, and that math is about creativity and making sense. You can learn more about Math and Mindset during Math Night on October 5th from 6:30-7:30.

    Currently, we are in the midst of our first math unit: Routines, Numbers, Time and Money. Most of this unit is a review of what the children learned in second grade. Additionally, the children are learning the Open Number Line method for solving two and three digit subtraction problems. This method provides a structure that emphasizes understanding of number and place value. Please view the video below to see how this method is being taught:



    Readers’ Workshop

    During Readers’ Workshop we have been focusing on management and routines for independent reading. We have also been learning and discussing making good book choices, thinking and talking about your reading, abandoning books, different types of fiction and non-fiction, expectations and management of the Readers’ Notebooks, and thinking and writing about your reading. Reading is thinking!


    Writer’s Workshop

    The children have been introduced to their Writer’s Notebooks and have quickly become accustomed to the routines and expectations during Writers’ Workshop. We have been doing writing exercises to help them develop greater writing fluency. They have also been generating topic ideas for our first writing unit of study:  Personal Narratives. Please ask them about their 1) Ideas from the heart; 2) map of a special place; and 3) list of important people.  Hopefully, they will share many topic ideas with you!


    The children have been introduced to their Scientists’ Notebooks where they will document their scientific observations and thinking throughout the year. We will be conducting experiments, reading books and learning what good scientists do.

    Our first unit is Water and Weather. The children will learn about the water cycle, and how the weather conditions where we live affects how we live.

    Thank you for a great beginning to our school year!