• We have had a wonderful beginning to our Third Grade school year! !  It has been delightful meeting your children and watching them begin to come together as a class community. We have been busy settling back into the routine of school as we rekindle old friendships, meet new friends and learn new classroom routines and schedules.

    Here is some important information for you.

    Our specialist schedule is:

    Monday –Library

    Tuesday – Music and PE (please wear or bring sneakers)

    Wednesday – Art

    Thursday –All School Meeting/Learning Buddies

    Friday – Music and PE (please wear or bring sneakers)

    We will begin every day at 8:45 with a Morning Meeting. This is an important community-building experience that prepares us for the day ahead. Please be sure that your child arrives to school on time so that he/she may benefit from a great beginning to each day.


    Your child should bring a healthy snack and drink (water is great!) everyday. Please be aware that children should NOT bring any foods that have nuts to eat at snack time due to nut allergies. We need to keep all of the students safe. Thank you for your cooperation.


    **Please be sure to return all necessary forms, or complete them online, as soon as possible. This includes the dismissal form, Parent Permission Form, and Emergency Contact information.


    All Lexington classrooms have food-free celebrations. We will celebrate each child’s birthday with a song, a story, a small gift from The Birthday Box and a special birthday sticker and pencil. Summer birthdays will be celebrated during the last week of the school year. On your child’s birthday, please send in one of your child’s favorite books so that we may read it aloud to the class.


    Homework will be given Monday through Thursday. Your child’s blue homework/home communication folder and planner will go home each day with assignments to be completed, and should be returned to school each day with their completed homework. The expectation in third grade is to complete 20-30 minutes of homework a night. Reading for 20 minutes is always homework! There is no homework on Fridays.


    “Math Toolboxes” are given to each of your children. Such items as a clock, calculator, and measuring tape are included. In addition to the items provided, I would appreciate your support in obtaining some coins for your children to use during math time. Your child should bring in 10 quarters, 10 dimes, 10 nickels, and 30 pennies. They should be sent in a plastic bag or empty film canister with the students’ name on it.


    Third Graders say good-bye to their teachers in the classroom. If your child is picked up on the playground you should make a meeting plan so they know where to look for you. Many children want to play on the playground after school, so you should discuss your expectations for them at dismissal time.

    *If for any reason there is a change in dismissal, please send a note to school. Do not email dismissal changes, as I might not get the message in time. If you have a change in dismissal during the day, please call the main office (781)-541-5001) and they will deliver the message to our classroom. If you are picking up your child early from school you must to go to the main office to sign him/her out and the office will call down to our classroom.


    It can also be accessed through the Fiske School website. This is where you will find information and updates about our classroom. I email a lot, brief but often. If you do not have internet access, please let me know so I can send hard copies home.

    I always welcome your comments, questions and feedback. Please never hesitate to contact me. I look forward to collaborating with you throughout this school year.

    It’s going to be a great year!