• Welcome to Third Grade and Room 285!

       Welcome to Room 285!  I am thrilled that you are in my class and hope you are ready for a fun-filled year. You are now beginning third grade.  You will take on more responsibilities and more mature behavior will be expected.  Going to school and learning are your most important responsibilities.  These can be enjoyable and rewarding experiences as the goal of Room 186 is to create and foster a community of learners.

    Room 285’s Beliefs
    Practice makes progress.
    Focus on the positive, because we nurture what we want to see grow.
    Be willing to take risk and try new things.

           In our modern world of technology it is fitting that I have a place to post updates for families to visit and get information on their child’s learning.  I will try to update this site on a regular basis throughout the year.  Announcements will be updated monthly and will include a brief overview of the topics being focused on, in all the curriculum areas. A calendar of events specializing in our grade level activities can also be found on one of the side tabs.  Again, I will try to provide updated information once a month.  


    Check in with Mrs. Deane to see if you have a current CORI on record.  All too often parents decide they want to attend a field trip and are not able to join us due to this not being current. 


    Important Phone Numbers

    Keep in contact through my school email: 


    School Office: 781-541-5001

    The Fiske PTO's website is www.fiskeschoolpto.org