•                           Welcome to Spring!

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      A" Thank you" to all for the beautiful flowers and gifts for Teacher Appreciation week!
    Classroom News...
    Reading Workshop -All students will be reading a biography of a a famous Massachusetts person! This will tie in with our writing workshop time where students will be writing their own book about this person.
    Writing Workshop- We had a wonderful unit on poetry, and are now finishing our literary essays. Next week we will be moving on to biographies
    Math- We are  finishing our unit on Measurement, and  students will be taking the Math MCAS next Wednesday (18th) and Thursday (19th).
    Social Studies- We will have moved into the "Colonial period" and studied everyday life and jobs.  Each student created a Powerpoint slide for a class slideshow on a colonial job. We have also begun our Lexington Family unit in which each student has the role of a child who lived in one of the prominent Lexington families in 1775. To further study this unit, students will be walking to the Burial Ground in Lexington center. The permission slip for this field trip will be going home today.
    Science-  We are completing our unit on "Mystery Powders".  Our next Science unit will be about Life Cycles. Students will be studying/researching the food chain of an animal that lives in or around the pond. We will be walking to the res as our Spring Big Backyard Walk to study the environment further (more info to follow)  As a final project in our life cycle unit students will be dissecting an owl pellet.
    Upcoming dates/events-
    MCAS- May18th and 19th
    Lexington Walk-May 26th (permission slip will be coming home today)
     Also as you know Bridge turns 50 this year! Please check out this link for more information.  Link: https://lps.lexingtonma.org/Page/8376
    All the Best,
    Mrs. McAlduff (Beth)