• ICE Block Registration Page

    • The next round of ICE block will run on April 10, April 17, May 1, May 15, May 22, and June 5.   
    Due to technical issues, we have suspended our online ICE selection process. 
    • We will make ICE selections on Friday morning via paper during homeroom. 
    • Students can pick up a selection sheet in the main office prior to tomorrow  (most students have already received one).
    • Students should turn in selection sheets to their homeroom teachers.

    ICE Offering for Module 3:

    MARC Club (Grades 6, 7, and 8):

    Students inspired by the MARC assembly on bullying, cyber-bullying and relational aggression or who are interested in making a positive impact on the lives of others at Diamond.  This group will focus on using student developed campaigns and other random acts of kindness (RAK) to help make Diamond Middle School a more positive place for all students.


    Puzzles (Grades 6, 7 and 8):

    Do you enjoy puzzles? Never have enough time to do them with friends or family? Then this is your choice!


    French Conversation (Grade 8):

    Love French? Want to practice your conversation skills? This small group activity will allow you to do that, in a friendly and safe environment. (Open to students taking French only.)


    Outdoor Photography (Grade 8):

    Get outside and explore the world through digital photography! Through discussion and analysis of pictures taken on nature walks” round the school, you will learn more about composition,lighting, color, and other characteristics of quality photographs. In the end,we will produce a group photography exhibition to show off your work.


    Girls’ Soccer (Grades 6, 7 and8):

    (Open only to girls.)

    Love soccer? Would you like to improve your ball handling and teamwork skills? We will meet indoors and outdoors (as possible) to improve skills and play the game.


    Street Law (Grade 8):

    Students will study a legal case, the surrounding issues, and play roles in a moot court or mock trial.  We will explore issues, develop arguments, learn about logic, and watch a little Monty Python.


    Medical Detectives (Grades 6, 7 and8):

    Come read about real medical mysteries that were solved by doctors as described in the book Eleven Blue Men, and Other Narratives of Medical Detection by Berton Roueche.  What do you do when people are turning blue, or are coming down with malaria and leprosy?  Epidemiologists are on the case!  This ICE block is not for the faint of heart. 


    Orienteering(Grades 6 and 7):

    Orienteering will be an outdoor activity where students will learn how to shoot an azimuth, read a map and navigate terrain.


    Computer Simulation Games (Grades 7and 8):

    Using amazing simulation technology, build the best and most profitable vacation resort you could possibly imagine (Resort Empire) or create a giant shopping mall from a vacant city lot (Shop Empire 2).  In order to make these empires grow you will have to examine demands of your clients, as well as the art of hiring and firing personnel.


    Work, forces, simple machines, and K'Nex (Grades 6 and 7):

    Despite the title, this is not about playing with K'Nex.  We'll build and test a variety of simple machines, and explore the math and physics involved in how they make work easier.


    Collaborative Choreography -"Happy" (Grades 6, 7 and 8):

    Does Pharrell Williams' new song "Happy" make you want to dance? Then this is the ICE block for you! In this session we will create a patch work choreography; each student will be responsible for choreographing one part of the song. At the end of the session we will perform the dance as a whole,representing everyone's unique style of movement. No dance experience is required. You should be prepared to take some risks in experimenting with movements and clap your hands if you feel like happiness is the truth!


    P90-Lex(Grades 6, 7 and 8):

    Get your sweat on!  Looking for a way to get in shape for Spring sports or quality time on the beach this summer?Join P90-LEX! Be prepared for cardio-bursts, plyometrics, yoga, cirrcuit-training, stair-running and more! Serious inquiries only!


    Destination Imagination! (Grades 6, 7and 8):

    Challenge yourself to tackle a range of creative problems that require teamwork and diverse skills: engineering, improv, brainstorming, design, music.  We will have some special guests and will also evaluate current "real" Lexington challenges, including planning for the new Community Center.


    Scrapbooking(Grades 6, 7 and 8):

    Start gathering your (printed)photos.  Join us for Scrapbooking 101 - learn to save your photos for the next generation by learning the value of journaling and making a forever keepsake or two!  All tools and materials will be provided - you just need to bring your pictures, but not until the second week. The first week we will look at samples and discuss the 2 or 3 projects along with getting acquainted with the tools. 


    Quiet Reading (Grade 8):

    Do you just love a great book? Can’t find enough time to sink into it? Come and join others who love to read for a quiet time of independent reading (your own book choice).


    Quiet Reading (Grade 7):

    Do you just love a great book? Can’t find enough time to sink into it? Come and join others who love to read for a quiet time of independent reading (your own book choice).


    Drop Everything and Read (Grade 6):

    Come to the Library Rotunda to enjoy 45 minutes of quiet reading. We'll relax in the comfy chairs, listen to classical music, and read,read, read. Together we'll compile a list of recommended reading based on books we read during our 6 weeks together.


    Lexington High Football (Grade 8):

    You will be learning the program's offense, defense and special team drills, plays and terminology.  In addition, we will be watching actual game film from the varsity games this year as well as college games to show how plays are executed.   We will learn how to break down game footage to see how we performed and/or our opponents games to prepare for the following week. 


    History of the Television SitCom(Grades 6, 7 and 8):


    We will watch TV Situation Comedies from the last 5 decades and discuss how they reflect the social, political and technological advancements of their time.


    Science Round Table (Grades 6, 7 and 8):

    Investigate and discuss your topics of interest in science. Each week a student will pick a topic of interest. We will search for information on the web and share our discoveries. Some topics I've heard students want to know more about:Antimatter/Dark Matter/Hadron Super Collider/String Theory/Novas and SuperNovas/Black Holes…  There is a universe filled with science ideas to explore.


    Art of the Picture Book (Grades 6, 7 and 8):

    Bring one of your own stories to illustrate or try your hand atone of the old favorites.

    We will create a "dummy" and experiment with various drawing materials.


     Origami and Japanese language cultural class: (Grades 6, 7 and 8):

    Explore the Japanese culture and language through the art of origami- "paper folding". (Led by a parent expert in origami.)


    Hand Sew a T-shirt Pillow (Grade 7):

    Do you like to sew?  Do you want to learn HOW to sew?  Do you have a favorite T-shirt that no longer fits?  Let’s make it into a pillow that you can use in your room! While you are creating your pillow, you will be learning sewing basics.  You supply the T-shirt….I’ll supply the rest!


    S-C-R-A-B-B-L-E CLUB! (Grades 6, 7 and 8):

    (YOU MAY NOT SIGN UP IF YOU PARTICIPATED IN THIS SESSION BEFORE!) Here is an opportunity to socialize with your peers while enriching your vocabulary skills. We will build on your knowledge of the English-language in an entertaining way! 


    Strategy Games (Grade 8):

    Do you like challenging your mind? Come pit your wits against brain-teasing hurdles and tactical puzzles. Or try a game where you and your teammates try to beat a challenge posed to all of you. All experience levels are welcome.


    Logic Games and Puzzles (Grade 7):

    Do you like challenging your mind? Want to try some games that are not fantasy-based or typical board games? This would be for you!


    Strategy Games (Grade 6):

    Like board games but find most of the boring? Let's look at and try to beat games that require real strategy to beat. We will play some more advanced board games that may pit you against other players or have all players play against the board. Come find some non-boring board games.


    Funny Television Ads (Grades6,7,and 8):

    Ever wonder how television ads are put together? Let’s take a close look together.  We will look at the humor in television ads – you will see them like you never have before!


    Wood Shop: Building a Birdhouse (Grades 7 and 8):


    Come and learn how to make a birdhouse out of wood.  You will learn some basic woodworking skills, as you construct a beautiful birdhouse all your own!


    Scratch: Computer Programming(Grades 7 and 8):


    Scratch is a programming language. It’s easy to learn, and allows you to make simple or complex video games/animations. Come and give it a go! 


    Computer Programming --- Scratch (Grade 6):


    Scratch is a programming language. It’s easy to learn, and allows you to make simple or complex video games/animations. Come and give it a go! 

    Wonder Book Club (Grades 6 and 7):

    If you love to read and are looking for a book with a spunky, clever, and incredibly courageous main character, then Wonder is the book for you! Come join the Wonder Book Club to discuss the "ins and outs" of bravery, friendship, the middle school"jungle," and how to navigate through it! In addition to having"book talks" we'll also take part in launching "EAKS," or"Everyday Acts of Kindness," within Diamond Middle School.  Come see what Wonder is all about, and get ready to discover an excellent story with your peers!


    Dance Club (Grades 7 and 8):

    Like to dance? Want to try? We will teach you how to dance (and you’ll have a fun time doing it.) Different dance types will be taught: hip-hop, robotics, salsa and bachata.  You should be willing to try partner dancing…


    Applied Physics in the Middle Ages (Grades 6, 7 and 8):


    During applied physics in the middle ages we will look at how Newtonian physics was put in action using wood and stone construction and how these structures shaped life in the middle ages.  We will look at armor, weapons, and the construction techniques employed in houses,bridges, cathedrals and castles built during the middle ages.  Each student will also spend part of the class helping build a golf ball flinging trebuchet.  Students will spend some time working on individual projects or lessons and some time contributing to the large construction project which is likely to take multiple ice block rotations to complete.  Once completed, students who worked on the trebuchet will have the opportunity to put it into action on the back field.


    Sci-Fi/Fantasy Fans Club (Grades 6, 7 and 8):

    Get the chance to read, discuss, draw, write, or otherwise share your interest in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre.  We will experience anything from fan art, fan fiction, fan movie trailers, to the original books we all love.  Depending on group interests, we can share and read new titles or well-worn favorites.  


    Chess(Grades 6, 7 and 8):

    This activity is designed for any and all students. No prior knowledge of the rules of the game is required.  If you enjoy playing chess or simply want to learn how to play, come join us for some fun! But remember, you will be playing chess for 45 minutes every week!


    Math Challenges (Grades 6, 7 and 8):

    This session is for students interested in preparing for any of the Math Team competitions and/or taking on interesting and challenging math problems.


    Latin Dance (Grades 6, 7 and 8):

    Salsa!  Merengue!  Bachata!  We will dance, watch videos of great dancers and musicians, and have lots of fun in the meantime!  If time permits,we might even have time to share other ethnic/cultural dances. 


    Sew Much Fun! (Grades 6, 7 and 8):

    Students will learn the basics of sewing to design and create their own apron. Materials such as buttons,pockets and patches will beaded to the aprons. Each student will create and leave with a hand –crafted product. Students of all sewing abilities are encouraged to join!


    Movie Madness! (Grades 6,7 and 8):


    Lights,camera, action!  Do you like movies?  Do you like music?  Well...who doesn't?  Bring a comfy pillow and join us as we watch and explore a classic movie entitled "The Sound of Music".  It's filled with action, love, betrayal(gasp!), family, history and more! Each week before viewing the movie we'll briefly discuss different aspects of the film.  Come join in on the fun! 


    Improv (Grades 6 and 7):


    Play fun improv games, learn new improv skills, or just laugh the afternoon away with your friends. Just come ready to participate. No experience needed. No, really, like none.


    Make your own Animations using iPads Grade 7):


    Students could sketch, use clay, and use objects they bring in to make their animation come to life. 


    Dodge Ball  (Grades 7 and 8):

    Need to move? Want some fun? Join in for some fun indoor games.


    Creating Digital Music (Grade 6):


    Have fun mixing beats and creating music tracks using Garage Band and other music technology software.  No experience necessary!



    Yoga (Grade 6 and 7):

    Yoga is an activity that not only strengthens the body.  It also strengthens the mind and spirit.  In this class, you will refine and build upon the basic yoga poses you have already learned in English class. You will also learn some partner poses and yoga games.  In addition to that, you will be taught practices and habits that will help you to be calm (even in tough or stressful situations), boost your concentration, and increase feelings of connection and well being.

    Yoga with Music(Grade 8):

    We will learn basic fundamentals of yoga, incorporating some more advanced poses and balances over time. The class will be set to pop music. We would love if this class could be eighth grade only, as to maintain a certain maturity to the activity. Thanks!


    Knitting (Grade 6, 7, and 8):

    Join knitting ICE and learn useful skills, teach what you know, create fun things, have fun chatting, and give to people in need.  No experience required, materials provided.


    Zumba (Grades 6 and 7):

    Zumba, the "feel happy" workout that helps you to unwind after a hard day of school work and gets you ready for the next day. We stay fit by dancing! With Zumba it is OK to be yourself and dance like no one is watching! Bring a towel and lots of water.