Monday, March 18th
    Unit 9 quiz
    Finish Lab 9-7A Current and Capacitors Activity
    Homework: Lab 9-8A Electric Field Hockey 
    Tuesday, March 19th
    Lesson 9-5: Electric Fields (Conceptual)
    Homework:  9-9 Electric Field Lines
    Wednesday, March 20th
    Lesson 9-6: Gravitational Analogy for Electric Field
    Homework: 9-11 Voltage and Capacitance
    Thursday, March 21st
    Lesson 9-7 Colorcoding
    Homework: None (fire drill shortened our lesson)
    Friday, March 22nd
    Finish Lesson 9-7: Colorcoding, Loop and Junction Rules
    Homework:  9-13 Loop and Junction Rules
    Monday, March 25th
    Lab 9-12A Colorcoding and Bulb Brightness
    Homework:  Finish Lab