• Monday, May 6th
    More practice with spherical mirrors
    Study for U11 Quiz
    Tuesday, May 7th
    Unit 11 Quiz
    Lesson 11-4 Refraction and Snell's Law
    Wednesday, May 8th
    Finish 11-4 Snell's Law
    Homework: 11-8 Snell's Law
    Thursday, May 9th
    Lesson 11-5: Ray Tracing with Thin Lenses
    Homework: Catch up with anything you've missed in Unit 11
    Friday, May 10th
    Lesson 11-6 The Lens Equation
    Homework:  11-10 Problem Solving with Thin Lenses
    Monday, May 13th
    The Lens and Mirror Lab
    Tuesday, May 14th
    Review for Unit 11 Test
    Homework:  Finish Unit 11 Review Packet
    Wednesday, May 15th
    Last minute questions on Unit 11
    Review Activity
    Thursday, May 16th
    Test 11: Optics
    Friday, May 17th
    Final Exam Review
    Monday, May 20th
    Final Exam Review
    Tuesday, May 21st
    Final Exam Review