• Monday, September 17th
    Lesson 1-7: Intro to Freefall
    Homework: Finish 1-18 Freefall Estimation
    Friday, September 21st
    Lab 1-20 Freefall Activities Part Two AND 1-19 Falling Body Word Problems
    Homework: Finish 1-19 Falling Body Word Problems and Begin 1-21: More Practice Kinematics (Do #1 - 3)
    Monday, September 24th
    Lesson 1-9: More Problem Solving Practice
    Classwork: finish 1-21: More Practice Kinematics and Falling Body Word Problems
    Homework:  1-22 Chapter Review
    Tuesday, September 25th
    Go over Unit One Review packet
    Last minute questions before test one
    If time allows: Lesson 2-1: Specifying and Adding Vectors
    Homework:  Study for Test One
    Wednesday, September 27th:
    Test One: One Dimensional Kinematics 
    Thursday, September 28th:
    Lesson 2-2: Adding colinear and perpendicular vectors
    Interesting stuff:
    Minute Physics: Is it better to walk or run in the rain?