Friday, November 9th
    Lesson 4-5: Solving Dynamics Problems Involving Friction
    Homework: No Homework for the Holiday Weekend
    Tuesday, November 13th
    Lesson 4-6 Newton's Third Law
    Homework: Finish 4-5 Solving Dynamics Problems Involving Friction
    Wednesday, November 14th
    Friction Quiz
    Lesson 4-7 Two Body Problems
    Homework: 4-12: (Finish first problem) Two Body Problems
    Thursday, November 15th
    Lesson 4-7 Continued: Two Body Problems including Atwood Machines
    Homework: Finish 4-12 Two Body Problems AND 4-8 Conceptual Questions and Practice
    Finish any unfinished work, through 4-14 in Unit 4
    (We'll discuss on Monday.)
    Monday, November 19th
    Lab 4-13A Atwood Machine Lab
    Homework: Finish Lab Write Up AND Do 4-15 Unit 4 Review Packet
    Tuesday, November 20th
    Final Review for Unit 4 Test
    Wednesday, November 21st
    Test 4: Friction and Two Body Problems