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    Hello again Room 43 Families,
    I want wish everyone a very Happy New Year!
    I have just uploaded a video to the site. So if you were not able to attend our All School Meeting sharing last week, then just go to the link on the left hand side of my welcome page:) I think many stars have been born. Enjoy! We will now be moving on to Habit 4 "Think Win-Win" ask your Hastings Hero to explain how it works.
    In Reading we have just wrapped up our Nonfiction Unit that focused on finding the main idea and supporting details. Our next Unit will be a fiction unit that instructs readers to really get to know their characters by what they say, do, think and feel.
    This week we also begin a new Opinion Writing Unit where kids will practice arguing opinions that are important to them.
    In Math the whole class has moved on to MULTIPLICATION during Fasttmath lessons. We are also working on understanding the concept of division and its close relationship to multiplication. Our focus for the rest of Unit 5 will be multiplication and Division Word Problems!
    Finally, in science we will be discovering the identity of the unknown chemicals this week! Kids have been working hard to use their observation and recording skills during many experiments which will lead them to a conclusion.  
    Hello from room 43!
    Over the past few weeks we have been hard at work setting our routines and making new friends here at Hastings. Understanding Growth Mindset and using it to push ourselves to be the best we can be:) Here in Room 43 mistakes are an expected part of our day because we understand that to make a mistake and then try again is to grow and persevere!
    Book Bags just went home on Thursday. Please help your student remember to return to school with their Book Bag each day because it is an necessary part of our Reader's Workshop. The kids are really excited about their reading. Please remind your child to record their reading on a nightly basis. As soon as we make it a routine we can use it to set goals. The kids are practicing reading like the text is GOLD. They are positive thinkers and read in a way that shows they are truly paying attention to the text, not on autopilot.