•  Welcome

    Dear Families, 


    Welcome to our class website.  Here you will find pertinent information about our class schedule, important dates to remember and our newsletters.  I feel very fortunate to work at the Fiske Elementary School.  I look forward to creating a partnership  with you to help make this year a positive and enriching experience for your children.  Please let me  know if you have any questions or concerns.    You are your child’s first teacher and their success is of utmost importance to me.   Together I know we  can help your children reach their greatest potential!  I look forward to seeing you all soon. 



    Kelly Kalinowski           


    ·       Our Specialist Schedule is:

                Monday – Gym and Music

                Tuesday- Art

                Wednesday – Music

                Friday- Gym and Library 


    ·       Homework will be given Monday through Thursday most weeks.  Your child’s homework folder will  go home each day with notices and homework to be completed, and should be returned to school each  day with their completed homework. Reading for 15 minutes is always homework! There is no homework  on Fridays.   


    ·       “Math Toolboxes” are given to each of your children.  Such items as a clock, calculator, and  measuring tape are included.  In addition to the items provided, I would appreciate your support in  obtaining some coins for your children to use during math time.  Your child should bring in 6 quarters,  15 dimes, 8 nickels, and 20 pennies. They should be sent in a plastic bag or empty film canister with the  students’ name on it.  Please be sure to do so as soon as possible. 


    ·       Please make sure your child has a healthy snack every day!  We will be eating snack in the morning  on full school days because we have a later lunch.  On half days our snack will be in the morning as well.   Please be aware that we do have nut allergies and children should NOT bring any foods that have nuts to  eat at snack time.  We want to keep all of the students safe.  Thank you for your cooperation.    


    ·       All Lexington Classrooms are now having food free celebrations.  If you would like to recognize  your child’s birthday you may send in small treats (pencils, stickers, erasers, games) for all students,  come in to read a story to the class, or contact me with other ideas or to let me know if you plan on  doing something.  The amount of time for celebrations is 10-15 minutes. 


    ·       Please be sure to return all necessary forms as soon as possible.  This includes the dismissal form,  Parent Permission Form, and Emergency Contact information.  If you need a new one please let me  know.  If for any reason there is a change in dismissal please send a note into school.  If you send it by  email I may not get it in time.  If you are picking up your child early you must go to the main office to  sign him/her out.