• Welcome to Guided Learning!

    Guided Learning is an individualized resource and support class that focuses on developing student skills, teaching learning strategies, and providing academic reinforcement.  Students have the opportunity to develop and practice skills such as:

    • Organization
    • Time management
    • Goal setting
    • Test preparation and test taking strategies
    • Prioritization
    • Self-advocacy

    Students can also use Guided Learning for academic support.  If students are challenged by a specific topic or need support with homework or assignments, they can work one on one or in small groups with the Guided Learning teachers.

    Guided Learning Expectations
    We start every class with 3 Steps:  Organize, Update Agenda, Set Goals.
    1. Organize your Binder.  Clean up any loose papers, recycle or archive any old assignments, use GL resources if needed (hole punch, reinforcers, etc.)
    2. Update your Agenda.  Make sure all homework is recorded in detail, and check off all completed work.  Use Teacher Web or check in with teachers if you need info.
    3. Set your Goals.  What are you going to accomplish today in GL?
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