Mrs. Lipsitz  
    From the Principal
    Vacation begins on Friday, and that brings a week for children to enjoy a change in routine. Even with the many interruptions in that past month due to snow or flu, vacation days have a different “feel” to them.
    Some families travel, some plan day trips and some have time at home. A “staycation” can be the most refreshing and rewarding way to spend the week. Families have time to cook a meal, play a game, read a book, watch a movie, or walk the dog, without the added hectic schedule of the school week. Many children love staying in pajamas, playing without the structure of a class, and spending time with family members and other adults they don’t see during the week.
    During our Global Day of Play at Hastings, children built forts with blankets, created marble towers and played a wide variety of board games. Students played across classrooms and with new peers. They tried activities they had not attempted before and thoroughly enjoyed less structured playtime. The day highlighted the value of giving children time to explore materials without a clear expectation for the end product. The vacation week provides time for children to create: art projects, cooking, origami, science experiments!
    This February we have the added treat of being able to watch the Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. For so many of our Hastings students, sports of some kind are an integral part of their lives. The Olympic games showcase athletes from all over the world competing for themselves, their countries and their love of the sport. Our young learners can gain much from the stories of these talented snowboarders, skiers, skaters, hockey players, and others, who exemplify effort and perseverance in order to realize a personal dream.
    However you spend next week, I hope you and your family enjoy the time. 
    Louise P. Lipsitz