Mrs. Lipsitz  
From the Principal
The end of the year is often a time to reflect and acknowledge the work of people who are departing from the school. This year as we wish our fifth grade graduates good luck in their middle school experiences, we also bid farewell to several staff members and congratulate them on their new professional and personal adventures. Rich Shara plans to bring his repertoire of teaching skills to
schools closer to his home on the South Shore. Brianna Ambrus leaves Hastings to begin coursework towards a medical degree. Lisa Vino will join a new school district as a literacy specialist in order to support the needs of her family. Tori Tassone will complete an internship in school counseling so that she can join the ranks of mental health professionals serving children’s social and emotional needs. Krystal Velasquez leaves Hastings and will return from her parental leave to a full-time social worker position at the Estabrook School.
Our school serves as a place where we strive for everyone to gain the competence and confidence to attempt new learning tasks and added responsibility. It is always gratifying to watch people apply their learning and flourish. That can be said for everyone at Hastings. Our staff continuously adapt their approaches to teaching and learning, trying new strategies and reviewing feedback on their
instruction and the children’s understanding. Every member of our school community has adopted a new idea, taken risks in a supportive environment, reflected on the outcome, and adjusted their thinking. In that spirit, I want to publicly celebrate our entire school: students, staff, and families. The growth mindset is a part of our school culture, as we will strive to promote opportunities for everyone
to appropriately push the boundaries of their learning.

This newsletter is one of the important communication tools used to share information about the Hastings School. It has been ably compiled and edited by a team of parents: Rajeshwari Godbolé, Audra Myerberg, Kim-Anh Nguyen, Preeti Padhy, Nicola Rinaldi, and Sherry Zhu. Their work is visible on a weekly basis as you read this Bulletin.
Behind the scenes, a huge team of parents and community members support our school. Thank you to Sherry Zhu for two years of PTA leadership.  Thank you to Courtney Apgar and Curt Barrentine for your participation on the School Site Council.  Thank you to all those who planned events, organized community celebrations, coordinated Big Backyard walks, chaperoned field trips, visited classrooms, volunteered in our Library. The school is a community of learners and you help make it a success!
Have a wonderful summer!
Louise P. Lipsitz