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     "Each and every one of us is different from all the others. 
    Each one a unique individual in his or her own right. "
    -People, by Peter Spiers 
     Welcome to the Fiske English Language Learner (ELL) Website! 

    The first week of school was a success! It was a pleasure seeing familiar faces and meeting the many new students who come from all over the world. We are busy meeting new students who have just arrived to the U.S. and are excited to start ELL classes soon. If you have any questions about our program, we have some information below. We are excited to be in a beautful new space this year in the modulars that were just constructed. We will be learning about our new SMART Boards this fall and incorporating this new technology into our teaching.If you have any questions please feel free to email me at:  camurphy@lexingtonma.org
    Save the dates! We hope you will come to meet the teachers and learn more about our school. We have two wonderful evenings planned:
    September 28 Fiske Open House -- meet your classroom teachers and specialists
    October 18 ELL Parent Night -- learn more about the ELL program curriculum and meet the ELL teachers and ELL Director, Robyn Dowling Grant
    Description of our program at Fiske: 
    Our ELL curriculum is content-based, and supplies your children with essential academic vocabulary. The focus of our program is to teach skills in the four language domains: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Every January, all of our ELL's will be taking the ACCESS test, which is an assessment that ELL's across the state of Massachusetts will take. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.

    In order to support your ELL at home, please encourage your child to read at his or her level in any language. To support fluency in writing, your child could keep a journal of things that happened during the day, or keep a list of things he or she is grateful for in her life each day. This writing will help promote confidence when your child writes in school, and help him or her reflect on this new American life.

    At Fiske we have a pull-out program whereby the ELL teachers will take small groups of ELL's throughout the day and give direct instruction using content-based materials. It is a rich curriculum, and we make every effort to tie our work into what is happening in the classroom.
                                                                                                                      ELL Teachers Fiske
    About the Teachers:
    Mrs. Catherine Glennon Murphy
    Mrs. Murphy has been working at Fiske for eight years.  In addition to her work at Fiske, Mrs. Murphy is training Lexington Public School teachers in methodology of teaching ELL's.  She is certified K-12 in ESL. 
    781-541-5001 ext 2179
    Ms. Carolyn Hine
    Ms. Carolyn Hine has been working at Fiske for three years. Before Fiske, Ms. Hine taught ELL at Esabrook school. She brings years of experience in the field of Second Language Acquisition. She is certified K-6 in ESL.
    781-541-5001 ext 3179
    Please don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions!